What’s So Funny About

Peace, Love and Understanding?

Elvis Costello

Wage Slave = Slave

The horrors of slavery have been around seemingly forever.

But are the wage slaves of Mexico,Central and South America

and through most of Asia much better off than the historical

slaves we think of as being depicted in “12 Years a Slave”?

Well, for all the horrors of being a hard-working farmer

who can barely feed his family, now the Chinese farmers who were lured into

what seemed like big money,20 years ago and more,are now finding themselves in debt

as they did not have any idea what it cost to live in a city.

The wage slave must pay taxes,sometimes even on food. The wage slave takes a bus

to work,or walks or rides a bike. And wage slaves we could become right here yet.

The value of labor has been lowered via GATT 2 and many other free trade agreements.

Tax Laws,junk like Citizens United, and other insanely biased-toward-the-rich policies have allowed many corporations to get a tax free ride,or get government sponsorship of things like oil exploration, as if Exxon was going to quit looking for oil!

The 2016 election will be more of the same. A so-called lefty, though Hillary is not  by a long shot anti-war nor pro environment, but good on education, I guess.

I hope the USA hasn’t turned into pockets of race riots by then, but maybe the idiots who run this joint will

sand up and notice that things suck in the middle of neighborhoods where not a lot goes on in the positive realm. Now is the time to keep it positive, but if it can’t be done, the worst may be yet to come.

Whatever happened to those FEMA holding camps/jails?




Oh don’t you do it Baltimore-

Don’t fall for the goad, don’t play into

their hands unless it s a stunt to make sure

you win later. If you can’t win then be ready

to lose, and lose in ways that make the matter worse.

If this is to begin the push for change that raps radicals

and the downtrodden,that shows for the world the brutality

of poverty in the USA, Then by God we must win.  It’s been

since 1980 that what was once an economy that rose all

ships in the up times, turned into a few major downtimes and

and all the profits floating up through a greasy set of tax laws that

put all the wealth in a tiny pool, it having been stolen from the workers

who make the products that keep the show on the road.  OK those workers

are now often in Vietnam, Mexico, China, Argentina, meaning instead of one job

at $20 we now work two at $8.00 each.  no time to know the children, and not

enough time to warn them about the mean streets that eat up so many already.

Baltimore then. If this is to be the beginning, please GOD make the whole movement

less violent.  Please.


To IR from JDS

To I.R. From J.D.S.



Intense rain drops, causes richer black

Bark on trees staring back in orange.

El Nino gives us late fall, late winter

Late drinks and late dinner.  Isabelle

Gave me a jab in the ribs and a wink

Of the eye, when, upon presenting a book

Full of fibs, I told a great-grand non-lie.

So life is good for a month or so, just on

The love I have had, of a woman

So rich with the world, that even a

Moment or two adds up to a visit

With god; or, if you please, one fine human.

Sit back and take in the show, “Blue

Velvet” has never looked better

Than on the back and shapely torso

Of this woman, who must be from heaven.

Nonsense Birthday Poem

          Nonsense Birthday Poem



One day in a field of swaying corn stalks

Bill spotted a young lass (A.-M.) she hawks

While out for a stroll on the ninth of July,

A day to reflect, but not to ask why.

Some calendar to him ‘twas the day of her birth

So Bill wondered what a surprise would be worth

As he snuck up behind her in order to scare

Some life into the day (it wasn’t a dare).

On his volition he whispered “boo,”

She turned, quite amazed, and said “how do you do!”

He said “Happy Birthday, and many more!”

She said, “well, I hope so, but right now I’m bored.”

So they chatted about what one could do

To spice up a midsummer afternoon.

The obvious pass-times were discarded as dull

So they picked sweet corn and began to cull

The best selection to eat in raw form

(A curious habit, but fun when it’s warm).

They sat and ate some where the hay lay

Which put the icing on Miss A. M.’s day.




Loud rumbling bikes.  Smothering solder guns.

Rusting sculptures. The toil of women willing

To bake their skin to keep their children safe.

Three sides of a square cluttered with papers

Strewn accidentally.  Not enough to hold life

Together for one nomad.  He moves again.

Dread locks us.  Prisoners still dream.  Cracked

Paint reminds pigeons to fly.  Hot bricks scorch

The feet of toiling women.  Can we keep children safe?

The operation fails.  Feet hurt just for standing.

Time.  No one has the time.  Even our souls rebel,

Not enjoying this new supposed form.  Life?

Smoke diffuses.  Today’s medicine is not

Quick enough to slow us down to past paces.

Toiling women.  Smiling children.  Non-time.



Hamburgers are fun to eat.

Always are a special treat.

But what of vegetarians who can’t Enjoy the stuff?

Is there room to stroke the womb While dancing buff to buff?

Or is the bride open so wide She gains enlightened bliss,

While jokers jam and smokers cram Each other fist to fist.
Us vegetarians can eat hamburgers too!

It’s just a matter of who you meet

And with whom you do your do.

And when she cums,

It’s because your tongue

Can be soft or attack.

So kick back and enjoy the rack

Of a red-headed Hamburger girl.

And her redheaded friends, who, until the end

Love to give new lovers a whirl.

Now she lives in Hamburg

And braves the winter snow.

Each time you eat hamburgers

Your penis starts to grow.

Which makes you think that someday

Your heart will sing the praises

Of juicy pink hamburgers

You devour in three stages,

And red-headed party burgers

Who defy mere mortal phases.