WWJD? He’d vote Green, for one

Spirituality is different than religion.  It’s different than religions’ books and often way different than religions minister, preachers, priests, monks, Rabbis, Imams, etc.

What Would Jesus Do?  Amazing question with so many different answers depending on the situation and the problem at hand

Few argue that he would lead all peace protests, and oppose all wars, no matter how inevitable the Bible claims they are.

He would be a socialist not a capitalist.  No way would  sanction one man taking advantage of another man’s labor.

He would, I imagine, be an environmentalist, as this is a form of justice.  Why should one group of men (usually men) be able to wipe out whole hunks of nature in order to profit in massive ways?  Why should one group be driving cars while others suffer the sinking of their entire countries due to global warming.

Along these lines one could imagine he’d be against nuclear power,coal fired power, and all other non-sustainable life-threatening schemes that make some so rich and others so poor.  A ruined environment ends God’s plan, so one has to assume Jesus would also oppose earth-threatening behavior.  Like globalization.

Globalization causes, for instance Americans to eat food that ha moved an average of 1,500 miles per item. This uses up 22% of the world’s fuel supply while exacerbating global warming.

But moving factories to  the cheapest possible labor so that people in other countries can make fortunes on the backs of the long-term impoverished is not only not Christian, its not moral in terms of all religions.

The rich control world governments.  All of them.

Jesus, he’d puke.

And here we are the USA, fighting 13 years in the middle east and for what?  A million people or more dead, 90% of them unarmed civilians.  and for what?  Oil?  Hmm.  Once the oil fields of Iraq re secured the three countries bidding on the rights to (steal?) buy the oil were India, Russia and France, the same three that profited from that oil under sanctions before the 2003 invasion.

If your minister or Monk is in favor of this type of war, including against the Pakistanis (2 million refugees now) just so we could circumvent Iran with an oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea to the Indian Ocean, thus lining up takers there, rather than other hotspot ports, then you’re in the wrong church.

Jesus and God oppose war at every turn in the books they have inspired. If all humans pray to the same God, no matter their religion, then ALL HUMANS are against these wars.  How is it then, that Mr. Bush, Jr. was given a green light for his wars by all but the Methodists and Quakers, and is now also opposed by the Catholic church?

Bush was painted as the more moral candidate in 204, AFTER the tortures in Abu Graib.

Again we will be left with Jeb Bush against Hillary Clinton or something even more warped toward war and profit.

Are you spiritual in nature?  Then help those around you oppose this type of government.

One thought on “WWJD? He’d vote Green, for one

  1. “Onward Christian soldiers, marching as to war
    With the cross of Jesus going on before . . .”

    Same as it ever was …… the business of business is business!
    Just look at the churches portfolios.

    great post.

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