Obama circa 2009


I love wearing suits and then talking environment, very effective, as some suited listeners listen, at least for a while.

I’m sorry, I just can’t help but chime in here:  does anyone think that Obama is NOT owned by big business STILL?  SO many have already chirped-up

on this issue, including the venerable lefties at Cal Berkeley, but here’s my short take:

1) Do you think the Iraq war will end ANY TIME SOON with Hillary “I voted for every Bush war-funding bill” Clinton in her new post?  Colin Powell, who quit in opposition to the war (albeit a touch late) would have been a WAY WAY WAY WAY better choice to get us out of Iraq, eh?

2) How do African Americans (the extremely over-weighted victims of executions) NOW feel about Mr. Obama’s announcement that he is “pro capital punishment?”

what next, Anti-Abortion?

3) How is President Obama going to bring jobs “back to America” from factories that pay 14 cents (Vietnam), 50 cents (average pay in China!), and $1.80 per hour in Mexico?

Wouldn’t HAVING to pay the minimum US wage cause a shrinkage in PROFITS for the companies that own Mr. Obama?  Speaking of profits:

4) Isn’t there a chance that we really are in a recession now?  I mean, you know, a SLIGHT CHANCE!?!?!  If so, won’t Obama and the Federal Reserve HAVE

to lower interest rates?  But wait a minute, home mortgage rates have INCREASED recently.  Huh?  Yes, indeedy, because the US is a massive credit risk now that we’ve printed up $trillions to “bail out” the already rich bankers.  Hence, we must suffer offering higher interest rates otherwise CHINA might stop

lending us money, and, uh, that would be, uh, a DISASTER, because:

5) we already spend 22% of the money we BORROW to pay the INTEREST on the money WE OWE.   Thus

6) Nationalized, single-payer health care is not, repeat NOT going to happen (Obama never promised this, to be fair)

7) Undoing W. J. Clinton’s Welfare “reform” is NOT going to happen (Obama never promised this either, but should have)

8) Reducing the number of people in for-profit jails is a SLIM CHANCE, whereas an increase is highly likely.

9) The middle east war may and will expand in Afghanistan and into Pakistan (oil pipeline must circumvent Iran, don’tcha know)

10) How many of the 186 environmental laws Bush trashed will Obama, et al, bring back?

11) Is Obama now also “tough on crime?” If so, the for-profit jail count will soar, as crime just COULD go up in a recession

12) Here we thought the Clinton-style deeply conservative Democrats were dead and gone, and up steps Ms. Pelosi to push for as many bail-outs as possible BEFORE Obama gets into office, thus sucking “up” (is anyone on earth below the current administration?) to Republican desires.  This way she won’t be openly against him (for a while) after January 20.   So how is “I’m for change, and the people” Obama going to reverse these brand new give-aways, ask for the money back?  Ask that it be repaid over time?  Even ask that the confounded idiots that made these loans lose their jobs? Or will he appoint a “special blue-ribbon committee” to look into the possibility of politely asking that the money be paid back once the banks have SOLD the homes the taxpayers already GAVE them the money for.  Or will we, like Silverado and the Savings and Loan scam of the 80s, pay for the bankers errors, and then kick back and watch them PROFIT from selling the foreclosed homes?  Oh my, Obama won’t be able to bat an eyelash at this scam-o-rama.  Too late baby, Pelosi trumped (as in Donald) Obama on this one.

13) Will Obama invest in alternative energy, thus providing jobs and free solar power to every home at the SAME TIME, like FDR would have? Or is he

14) so owned by big business that he will refuse to “create government jobs” just to pull us out of a “recession” spelled with a capital D.

15) Penultimately, how many houses does the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) own due to foreclosure in the United States?  This is not a trick question, because, once those SHITTY sub-prime loans were bundled they were sold to only the largest and near-sighted-est of nincompoops (including Bear-Stearns, ironically) who believed they could profit from high interest rates being applied to the working poor.  Due to needing those shitty factory jobs, China, once again, stepped in to buy up US debt.  This time it means that China, no matter what “front” banking name they give local banks in the US, owns a good, great deal of our houses.  So, while ALL US citizens work about 7 weeks per year to pay the INTEREST on the debt we owe China ALREADY, others will also pay their mortgages in those newly acquired foreclosed homes to, what amounts to the PBOC, making their annual contribution to China about 30 weeks worth of work.  Aha, so the

wage-slave game has flip-flopped, and McCain, not wanting to hold this bag, picked Palin, and tanked in ways even Gore and Dukakis couldn’t top in their worst campaign speech. That’s because this bag of poop will probably make FDR’s task seem like a walk in the park.  (see poem)

16) Obama is now due for a name change (do not be offended, you know where i stand) he MUST get rid of Hussein as his middle name, don’t you think?

How about:

Barack Thomas Obama   “Tom” for short?

Wait Wait, I;’ve got it:  Barack “Clarence Thomas” Obama, much better.

New Poem:

Canary Row Hoe Ho

There’s a hippy girl in my class who wears Mao’s cap, dates

a long-haired boy and wrote a kick-ass environmental piece.

You’d like to poke through every long-leafed elephant-ear on

campus, stroking nature, this beautiful sub-plot, with hoe, adze,

al or clipper: chopping down in order to raise back up, involved

with earth as is intended.  Some say a new time has come, White

Buffalo and all. Consequences outnumber rewards at a twenty to

one clip, as Mongolians suffer from bad air and China’s expanding

desert, even though they’ve done their part to live in a preservationist

way.  But global means brutal these days:  global trade = wage slave,

global warming = no food, global war = death for the multitudes,

profit for the stinking rich few.  Love abounds in campus towns,

while “repo-men” reap millions, and songbirds still find seeds around

as legs spread out the leaves.  Our new man is African, and that’s

so fine with me, and babies laugh, and mothers smile, here in the

land of the free.  So what that free means money, instead of love

and food.  When no one has a dime to spare, friendship will lift

our mood.  Or will there be the occasional hijacked truck or plane?

Who cares as long as we can load up the kids, drive south to live

in a genuine, warm, Steinbeck-decorated pipe that used to be a drain.



The most important thing

at any moment is to

sacrifice what we are

for what we could become.

From Gwen Fortune:

During Jimmy Carter’s presidency I had occasion to write an article for the Chicago Women for Peace newsletter.The headline was, “Conned by a Born-Again Christian.

Watching “Democracy Now,” and having cringed during the past two days when President-elect Obama said, several times, “My vision…” I am thinking, “On the road, again…,” and I don’t mean Willie Nelson.

“War Cabinet,””Centrist,” not one liberal from the Congress or pubic life, but a Director for Chevron and Bushes cabinet? I wonder how the millions of young people who worked and voted for their dream candidate are feeling–if they are willing to realize that they didn’t know enough history to comprehend the meaning behind the words Barack Obama was saying during the campaign. Most are still in shock, I dare say.

No real change in fighting an extended war. He talked about ending the war in Iraq, bragging that he voted against it. But WHY? He wants to extend in Afghanistan, perhaps Iran, Pakistan. I am thinking that the fundamentalists who referred to him as “the anti-Christ knew something.

I would not use that designation, as I hold no brief with the religious right. For different reasons the American people have been conned, again. Obama’s face no longer looks benevolent,but the opposite. I put the button of his family at the bottom of a drawer, upside down. His vision, indeed! A continuing nightmare.

“Impeach before inauguration? Who would-could replace him? The mass public has no idea of the truth in the likes of Kucinich, McKinney, and many more.

I’ve often had arguments with cohorts of color, telling them that I have friends who are not of my heritage and been mal-treated by people who look like me. I have no automatic attraction to a person because of their heritage. Take off the skin and we all walk around in similar bones. When Obama screws up he puts people of color another 150 years behind. This is why I will hate him more. Yet the Euro-Americans were willing to take a chance on a Kenyan-American mix, but fear someone with slave heritage–rightly so–as it highlights their knowledge of historical unfairness. Someone like a Jesse Jackson (younger model) would be a much better choice for an American president with African heritage.

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