Haiti,” Don’t You Do What Your Big Sister Done!”*


Haiti,” Don’t You Do What Your Big Sister Done!”*

Over here in stack D, just after being denied

Acceptance into the school-of-no-conscience, I can

Still look at studying females write unspoken

Oratories to the birds.  Here they are disheveled in

Auburn t-shirts, unwashed black jeans, loop earrings

Swinging out from pulled-up hair, studying, until an

Ominous frat-type saunters over, hunkers down

And starts a six minute courtship based on the

Single night he saw her prancing through a party

Overcrowded with beer-depressed gigglers who

Announce their new members in 1,000 dollar

Symobls emblazened on a quarter page worth

Of the Independent Florida Alligator.  Conspicuous

Adults who need something to talk about can

Secure a copy and put it in the scrap book so

Otis can remember the year his daughter did

All the tight-butted back packs that roam

SAE, thus becoming the most popular “little sister.”

* Note the OAS theme in the opening letters.  Get it?

Organization of American States, doing nothing to

restore Democracy in Haiti.  Haitians being “repatriated”

in order to get tortured.  Haiti becomes the little sister of

Cuba.  Thus, the title.  It’s a bit obscure, but, what can I say?

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