Hamburgers are fun to eat.

Always are a special treat.

But what of vegetarians who can’t Enjoy the stuff?

Is there room to stroke the womb While dancing buff to buff?

Or is the bride open so wide She gains enlightened bliss,

While jokers jam and smokers cram Each other fist to fist.
Us vegetarians can eat hamburgers too!

It’s just a matter of who you meet

And with whom you do your do.

And when she cums,

It’s because your tongue

Can be soft or attack.

So kick back and enjoy the rack

Of a red-headed Hamburger girl.

And her redheaded friends, who, until the end

Love to give new lovers a whirl.

Now she lives in Hamburg

And braves the winter snow.

Each time you eat hamburgers

Your penis starts to grow.

Which makes you think that someday

Your heart will sing the praises

Of juicy pink hamburgers

You devour in three stages,

And red-headed party burgers

Who defy mere mortal phases.

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