Nonsense Birthday Poem

          Nonsense Birthday Poem



One day in a field of swaying corn stalks

Bill spotted a young lass (A.-M.) she hawks

While out for a stroll on the ninth of July,

A day to reflect, but not to ask why.

Some calendar to him ‘twas the day of her birth

So Bill wondered what a surprise would be worth

As he snuck up behind her in order to scare

Some life into the day (it wasn’t a dare).

On his volition he whispered “boo,”

She turned, quite amazed, and said “how do you do!”

He said “Happy Birthday, and many more!”

She said, “well, I hope so, but right now I’m bored.”

So they chatted about what one could do

To spice up a midsummer afternoon.

The obvious pass-times were discarded as dull

So they picked sweet corn and began to cull

The best selection to eat in raw form

(A curious habit, but fun when it’s warm).

They sat and ate some where the hay lay

Which put the icing on Miss A. M.’s day.

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