Oh don’t you do it Baltimore-

Don’t fall for the goad, don’t play into

their hands unless it s a stunt to make sure

you win later. If you can’t win then be ready

to lose, and lose in ways that make the matter worse.

If this is to begin the push for change that raps radicals

and the downtrodden,that shows for the world the brutality

of poverty in the USA, Then by God we must win.  It’s been

since 1980 that what was once an economy that rose all

ships in the up times, turned into a few major downtimes and

and all the profits floating up through a greasy set of tax laws that

put all the wealth in a tiny pool, it having been stolen from the workers

who make the products that keep the show on the road.  OK those workers

are now often in Vietnam, Mexico, China, Argentina, meaning instead of one job

at $20 we now work two at $8.00 each.  no time to know the children, and not

enough time to warn them about the mean streets that eat up so many already.

Baltimore then. If this is to be the beginning, please GOD make the whole movement

less violent.  Please.


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