FIFA Officials arrested by *AMERICANS* for Bribery – HA!

FIFA Officials arrested by *AMERICANS* for Bribery – HA!

OK people take bribes at FIFA, from media giants and countries in order to locate the games.

By sports announcers’ assessment, the World Cup in South Africa was a success, no matter how it got there.  Thus, if this method, which has stood so long, is to be ended, then it is doing so just at a time when Russia and Qatar had lined up to host it…maybe with money bags, maybe not.  Then isn’t this AMERICAN arrest akin to Kiev blowing up right DURING the Sochi Olympics?  Isn’t this meddling into the traditional forms of Sports mega-money making (bribes) rather IRONIC coming from the USA, where our elections are now legalized and sanctified bribery sessions?

Citizens United is legalized Bribery made possible by our Supreme Court in it’s (also ironically titled ) Citizen United case (2010).

K Street lobbyists were given way more than a green light over a decade ago to bribe-away, bribe-ho, creating a bribe-orama in Washington known as campaign financing.

Again in a fit of hilarity, republicans and many democrats liken money to free speech.  The twisted joke here is that the only way you can ever speak to your representative, at least for a long time, and about legislation itself, is via a huge campaign contribution.  Thus, the idiotic thinking goes, money IS FREE SPEECH, just not free.

This absurdist thinking then goes on to say giving people giant mounds of cash to vote the way you want is protected in the Bill of Rights under free speech.  And most Americans have fallen for this.

Maybe if the Supreme Court ends up hearing the FIFA case it will side with the bribers under the precedent of Citizens United.

And maybe if those who have lost homes, or jobs, or both, and those who saw their jobs shipped overseas, and those disenfranchised on elections day (see Florida and North Carolina for shining examples of this stunt) snap out of their TV-induced haze, we will wake up and vote for someone who would in fact change the entire system,as Obama promised to do.

The USA is not the world’s policeman, it is the world’s imperialist dictator.  I’m waiting for a cartoonist to hit the irony button about FIFA being unmasked by USA investigators.

Whatever happened to the investigative reporters at our newspapers, magazines, TV Networks?  Oh yeah, most have been fired in favor of Wolf Blitzer or XXXXXO’rielly.  Chris Hedges:  such a good digger upper of the truth he won a lot of top journalism awards.  What did the New York Times do to such a great reporter? they fired him.  Check out for his work

Bernie Sanders has been to NC twice in his 18 month campaign.  He didn’t get an interview or a single line of notice from any newspaper here.  Thanks for that reminder Bob Geary (The Independent)..


Dad’s Post-Mortem Birthday Poem

Dad’s Post-Mortem Birthday Poem


The heat that comes in a single click

Signals summer in mid-spring.

Where joggers drip in humid sweat

While forest snow still sticks.

Then Peggy takes a Caddy ride

For a pack of cigarettes,

And entrepreneurs pollute us all

Without an ounce of regret.

Then an earth toad pops up from below

To lift your evening mood,

And Catholics follow human trends

To reduce the size of their brood.

As greed impoverishes locals

And distant workers alike,

A union of post-Reagan thinkers

Bundles their children onto their bikes.

Just when, in defiance of Adam Smith

Prices grow a life of their own,

The buy-nothing revolution

Buys food that is locally grown.

Perpetual war is now creeping

Into a bulging world war three,

While yuppies teach children farming

In the land of the spoiled and the free.

Elections: the Quadrennial Bonus for Propagandists

Elections:  the Quadrennial Bonus for Propagandists

What are we, fucking cowards?  Here in Chapel Hill,

where sophomores are winning “Woman of the Year,”

and Friday peaceniks stand without fear, where the

occupy movement found a journalist given a broken

arm, and non-violent protesters were met with machine

guns, we also find some over-Foxxed nut kill three due

to religion, not, oh not a parking place. Some Isis-style

Rand-McNally has plotted us by now, and whoopee it’s

Spring, Summer, Spring, ,Summer: drought time once

again.  Daisies thrive, we’re all alive, and cowards. How

so?  Because we’ll sit back and vote for Hillary, ignoring

her sick track record as Senator, and, God forbid, Secretary

of State. The “Clarence Thomas switch” is in: they make a

mountain out of her emails, just as Clarence was pointed

out to be a philandering harasser.  This allows the media,

thus us, to paint her as a liberal or progressive, when her

votes, overly militaristic responses and speaking fees scream

otherwise.  The last progressive in the White House was

Richard Nixon, and he got his alright: Chuck Colson, et al

took him down for ending inflation and the Vietnam War.

Love in the time of racist police, FEMA Camps, Mindless PC addictions, Propagandist TV, DEPRESSION

Ever wondered where the love went?…  personally or in your neighborhood or in Washington, D.C.?

The spiritualist movement is on the rise.  Not Hindu, nor Native American, nor Christian, Jewish, Islamic, but a slowly growing movement in which people remember their inner voice, act mindfully and create positive space around them.  This won’t change the world quickly, but it can change our neighborhoods, if people are willing to pull away from their electronic devices and sit and talk about things.  Almost any subject will do unless it causes rifts.

Example:  sure Ralph Nader or Winona LaDuke can run a national platform in the Green Party to try to save the environment,create a peaceful government, rescind regressive tax laws, etc.

But ALL pollution problems are local, so those campaigns are serving the public best if local meetings are able to meet the challenges presented by polluters.  The issue of jobs versus the earth often comes up.  I ask you, all 12 who are reading (hehe) is the planet worth saving for people seven generations from now?  If so, what are we doing to make the planet BETTER than when we arrived here?

The discrepancy between rich and poor was created in the USA mostly since 1980.  WOW,  The discrepancy in China or India or the Philippines or Indonesia or growingly, in Europe, has been exacerbated by globalization.  How?  By shipping jobs to the cheapest places they can find, corporations have increased profits, while lowering productivity.  But productivity concerns can easily be vaulted by having the workers in factories work 15 hour days.

Lowering the value of manual labor appears to be the main focus of globalization as manifested by GATT 2, the WTO and trade deals, none worse or restrictive against local governments than the upcoming Trans Pacific Partnership.;  The TPP, we are assured will bring Americans more and better paying jobs.

I doubt it.  NAFTA, the FTAA (Latin America), KORUS (South Korea) and other free trade deals have each lost American workers jobs in great numbers, by the millions. President Obama has proven himself a manipulative liar when it comes to war, the environment and trade.  Announcing that the TPP would create US jobs was sickening, and worse yet, governments who sign on will be giving up another hunk of their sovereignty to the sanctity of trade.  HA.

By lowering the value of labor, the problem hits home, as, since 2002, between 2000 and 10,500 home foreclosures PER DAY have hit the USA.  Ask those unable to find work due to being foreclosed,or those living in their cars under a bridge in Tampa whether we are in a depression.l; Ask the 30% of Americans who used to be in the middle class and now have to extend credit card debt TO EAT whether we are in a depression.  Ask the media or the president and they will tell about the jobs being created, and fail to mention the jobs we’ve lost.

Love can’t cure all of this, but love and friendship can do a dandy job locally if we can get ourselves and our kids unaddicted to electronica.

Steve Jobs may have been a visionary., but his visions have allowed to the governments of the world to do as they please while we’ve been numbed by one screen or another.

John Prine paraphrase:  Move to the country, eat a lot of peaches, and throw your TV away”

I might add: grow as much of your own food as you can, as we spend 22% of the world’s fuel supply moving food.  Disgraceful.



37 ways to un-rig the U.S. economy so it no longer favors the rich –

See what I mean? see the blog post I wrote


via 37 ways to un-rig the U.S. economy so it no longer favors the rich –

SATURDAY, MAY 16, 2015

Joseph Stiglitz, Elizabeth Warren and the Roosevelt Institute weigh in on the defining issue of the 2016 elections


37 ways to un-rig the U.S. economy so it no longer favors the rich Joseph Stiglitz

This article originally appeared on AlterNet.

A new report written by scores of progressives economists has laid out an detailed agenda to dismantle, reverse and fix how the laws and policies governing the American economy are rigged to benefit the wealthiest individuals and largest corporoation.

The report, “Rewriting The Rules Of The American Economy: An Agenda For Growth and Shared Prosperity,” has just been released by The Roosevelt Institute, where Sen. Elizabeth Warren and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio joined its chief economist Joseph Stiglitz at its press conference.

“The American economy no longer works for most Americans… What is causing…

View original post 835 more words

What a wonderful day + TPP rant + warnings

Each day I meet people who are tuned in to what’s really happening, and solutions for the earth, or the peace movement, or the racist pigs known as cops (ok all police are not racist, but all black men are not criminals either).

These questions and even the horrors of police-as-murderers pale compared to what will happen if the trans pacific partnership becomes a reality.  There are bad trade deals and then there are horrific trade deals and then there’s the trans pacific partnership.  As if GATT 2, the WTO and the current globalized profit machine weren’t draconian enough, along comes TPP with the ability to disrupt and put into wage-slavery millions of more Asians, while stealing 10 maybe 20 million more jobs from productive hard-working Americans.

We don’t know much as, for the first time ever, the negotiations have been going on in secret (this and other proof makes me believe Obama is a card carrying tri-literalist, with a degree in lying and a masters in sucking up to big money, and an apocalyptic view of the future type PhD.  to go along with being a constitutional scholar who refuses to end the Patriot act.  What does he have against Habeas Corpus? (FEMA CAMPS, enough said)

He’s a Freemason,and as such can easily say in public “I( would never sign a deal that would hurt American workers.  This trade deal will bring more jobs to the USA.” while offering corporations tax CUTS for every job they ship to their own plants that pay 14 cents to 53 cents per hour in Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, etc.  Well North Korea anyway.

Ever heard of the Gaiseong Industrial Campus in North Korea?  88 South Korean companies have set up shop there with 200+ waiting for the green light.  Why?  how does $67 a month in pay for highly trained technical science and research workers sound for cheap labor?!?

The Late Kim Jung Il (“dad” of the man who has killed all his potential rivals p9ublically including his UNCLE!) finally found out about this scheme thanks to an interview I had with the man whelped President Noh invent Gaiseong.  I found out a lot and wrote in a local magazine in South Korea when I was a journalist/professor there.

Reunification of Korea is still a hot idea, and this was a first step, but powers way beyond Pyung Yang made sure Gaiseong was closed (for a while) and the concept of opening up North Korea as an almost heavenly haven for cheap labor have dimmed.  Of course the industrialist still have their eyes on it. North Korea, should it ever become rational, would be the last-best mega spot for ultra cheap labor.

The Philippines, Indonesia (Nike) and the rest of Asia are being tapped only at the rate that they can comply with free trade deals, and the TPP is a WHOPPER.

Not just trade, but the compliance by governments to rules that fly in the face of their ability to help their own people should remind internationalists of Greece and all the other countries suffering under Germany’s austerity measures imposed from the north. of Europe where there is still JUST BARELY enough money to keep Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, now France, and Italy solvent and the Euro alive.  Should all or some pull out (as England now threatens to do) the Euro concept will die quickly and the poorer countries will, as usual, have devalued currencies, meaning the powerhouse economies won’t be able to sell their goods to the poor anymore.

This will happen in the USA, and has already started, once our job base can no longer support the economy by spending.  IN 1972 we switched from a producing country to a consuming country, meaning we consume more than we produce, and of course this has gotten much worse since then as viewable by our insane trade imbalance no one gives a hoot about. sixty seven percent (67) of our economy is based on what we spend.  That means debt at the personal corporate and national government levels is through the roof.

Chine bails us out by gobbling up this debt so they can continue to have a place to sell their goods.  China in the form of the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) now owns over 22% of the mortgages on our homes in the USA. They hire Citibank or whomever to still service the loans so we have no way of knowing which mortgages they’ve bought up.  We also work 9 weeks’ worth of taxes to pay the national debt off.  So if your house is mortgaged by the P{BOC and you pay half your pay to you mortgage that would be 25 weeks to the PBOC and 9 more to the Chinese government via the tax, adding to 34 weeks per year working for China.  HELLO?  Anything scary about these prospects?

Refer to Stiglitz’s new book and his work for a long time that earned him a Nobel Prize in economics. four major changes in the tax code, including  no more inheritance tax have changes the USA forever since 1980.  These changes caused our massive national debt (along with wars, of course) and  an economy that has become more productive and prosperous now moves all the gains in productivity to the top 1 or 2% instead of growing the middle class as it used to. This obvious fact: if we went back to the 1979 tax code we never would have grown the national debt to the point it is now.  Reagan alone tripled the national debt from 1 to 3 trillion and then it was off to the races, as the mega rich were excused from paying taxes, and the middle class got shoved down via job exports, automation + telecommunications  and the tax code.  Some say our middle class has shrunk from 70% of our population to 40% with the remainder being pushed down not up, of course.

The answer is to give up protesting against it, as we can’t stop.  Whole governments can’t stop it, meaning globalization.  The answer is to farm.  It’s that simple.  The USA has plenty of farm land, and we need to form collectives and buy distressed farms and allow the farmers to stay on and work with us to prevent GMOs to take over entirely.

Wes Jackson and the Land Institute can explain how much of your land has to be planted with  how much of your land has to be planted with non-edibles in order to save our topsoil More and more of us need to go back to the land, otherwise agri-business will buy it all up “GMO” it and sell us food at a price that keeps shareholders happy.  ha  $1.00 or more per apple?

Farm ho!  more info below


37 ways to un-rig the U.S. economy so it no longer favors the rich –

My Nepalese friend Rudra, plus immigrant workers in Korea, the US, etc.

I have a friend who is a busy businessman from Nepal. He owns restaurants, runs an international bank and imports goods into Korea from Nepal.  He is hardly home 5 days a month, but helps Nepalese.

He converts Won into Rupees without making a dime, and sits on the board of 14 organizations that work to help Nepalese workers who work and live overseas.

Nepal is spirituality-high and money-low, kind of like the Country formerly known as Tibet..

He told me 35% of the money in Nepal is earned outside the country and shipped back home.  This should remind my American friends of Mexico, a country that  receives $23.17 Billion of that a good hunk of the $120 Billion that gets sent home by immigrants who work in the USA.


South Korea is very much akin to the USA in the sense that a huge number of Asian “imported workers” make about $800 a month t work very hard and long hours at jobs Koreans would rather not do.  However, Koreans are no pressing their government to end the migrant worker program as the country has over 83% of people under 40 years old holding a bachelor’s degree.  These folks are now having to look for factory work, as their demanding education system shows amazing results.  The USA stands at very close to 25% of our citizens holding a bachelor’s degree.

That’s up form 6% when I was in high school.  But it sickens me that one of the main reasons so many smart Americans don’t get a college degree is the price.  Then think about the student loan problems, and imagine yourself $200,000 in debt before you even find a job.

The earthquakes in Nepal are so so so so devastating because, as NPR reported today, so many rural Nepalese can’t get to their equipment to bring in the crops, can’t get to their food that they may have had before the earthquakes, and the result could be some severe food shortages.

There are hundreds of aspects about living away from family and friends that are difficult.  Language is primary especially in Asia.  Since 24% of the USA speaks Spanish as their first language, the barriers here are not as high as they would be for Nepalese working in Korea.

So take a moment to thank a migrant worker for help making our economy hum by providing reliable cheap labor.

Sure American labor has taking multiple kicks to the groin via “free trade” which, from its inception in NAFTA, through GATT 2 and the WTF, has been a scheme for companies to become wildly rich, by causing the value of labor to be devalued worldwide.  When you can pay 14 cents an hour in Vietnam, or 52 cents an hour to millions and millions of factory workers in China, there is no way for the most productive workers in the world (again the USA is tops) to compete because OUR COST OF LIVING is so much higher, and our workers don’t get subsidized health care, a fair price for health insurance, and free university, or darn near free, that many Europeans enjoy.

But our the world’s billions to be blamed for trying to find work that provides a legitimate livelihood they can raise a family on?

Everyone but the shareholder class has gotten bitten by the greedy folks at the top.  Almost every country has governments beholden to big money, so this is not going to end unless the world economy collapses, or we go back to the 1979 tax code and actually request that the rich start paying their fare share, AND MORE to make up the obscene laws that rigged the earth against the common man and to the unyielding benefit of the mega rich.

In my town I know right where to go for great yard work on a one-day basis from immigrant workers.  We agree on a price, and if the job is done well I double it at the end of the day.  Not much in the whole scheme of things.

Natural disasters are multiplying.  Man-made economic and environmental disasters are coming along almost as quickly My goal is to be part of the team that one situation at a time, tries to balance the mess creatively and in as many ways as we can think up.

Volunteer friends, and have the time of your life.