So many people would walk an easier path if they could hold out a hand of kindness and receive a hug in return.

But we’ve been hoodwinked into thus-versus-them mentality, and rarely talk to strangers anymore unless need requires.

Those of us living under these war profit schemes need to develop safe villages of people who care.

Not necessarily refugee camps either.  There is hardly enough to go around in many parts of the world, ad as

resources dwindle while humans multiply, the need to be close with others and share the food, the wealth,the water

in a system completely different than the “winner-take-all” / “loser-in-jail” society that gives too much power to the police and ignores our ability to solve our own problems in favor of having government “solve” them must take root.  This is because the government solution is to ship jobs to the cheapest possible labor, thus lowering the value of labor worldwide, and to create wars in order to secure the resources needed for the very top 1% to make money on is wage-slaving us all, pushing people into homelessness and poverty and runs counter to all democratic principles and all ideas set forth in the Constitution and even the Declaration of Independence.

Stieglitz, the Nobel Prize Winning Economist has it right:  since 1980 all the profits that used to raise the middle class even higher, have gone straight to the top 2% via tax code changes and free trade.  The middle class has been cut in half, and the folks having to work two or three jobs to get by has grown enormously, for those who can find work at all.

IF ANYONE out there thinks any Republican or Democrat (except Bernie Saunders) has any clue as to how to change this back (just retreating to 1979 tax codes or even 1992 tax codes would get us out of a lot of messes but our congress is not even close to doing that.

Eventually this will cause mass riots, a near revolution, and thousands of new criminals being housed, where, in those FEMA camps?

Come together.  Make a better town in your town.  Ignore the idiots at the top, they will not yield their greed to common sense.

2 thoughts on “Kindness

  1. I’m no conservative, but I think if you are on public assistance you should be REQUIRED to vote. By not voting Americans sit back and allow the crooks to run the show, the post show party, the propaganda machines, etc. Yes kindness is good, but it’s amazing how many people vote directly against their own self interest.

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