Dad’s Post-Mortem Birthday Poem

Dad’s Post-Mortem Birthday Poem


The heat that comes in a single click

Signals summer in mid-spring.

Where joggers drip in humid sweat

While forest snow still sticks.

Then Peggy takes a Caddy ride

For a pack of cigarettes,

And entrepreneurs pollute us all

Without an ounce of regret.

Then an earth toad pops up from below

To lift your evening mood,

And Catholics follow human trends

To reduce the size of their brood.

As greed impoverishes locals

And distant workers alike,

A union of post-Reagan thinkers

Bundles their children onto their bikes.

Just when, in defiance of Adam Smith

Prices grow a life of their own,

The buy-nothing revolution

Buys food that is locally grown.

Perpetual war is now creeping

Into a bulging world war three,

While yuppies teach children farming

In the land of the spoiled and the free.

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