FIFA Officials arrested by *AMERICANS* for Bribery – HA!

FIFA Officials arrested by *AMERICANS* for Bribery – HA!

OK people take bribes at FIFA, from media giants and countries in order to locate the games.

By sports announcers’ assessment, the World Cup in South Africa was a success, no matter how it got there.  Thus, if this method, which has stood so long, is to be ended, then it is doing so just at a time when Russia and Qatar had lined up to host it…maybe with money bags, maybe not.  Then isn’t this AMERICAN arrest akin to Kiev blowing up right DURING the Sochi Olympics?  Isn’t this meddling into the traditional forms of Sports mega-money making (bribes) rather IRONIC coming from the USA, where our elections are now legalized and sanctified bribery sessions?

Citizens United is legalized Bribery made possible by our Supreme Court in it’s (also ironically titled ) Citizen United case (2010).

K Street lobbyists were given way more than a green light over a decade ago to bribe-away, bribe-ho, creating a bribe-orama in Washington known as campaign financing.

Again in a fit of hilarity, republicans and many democrats liken money to free speech.  The twisted joke here is that the only way you can ever speak to your representative, at least for a long time, and about legislation itself, is via a huge campaign contribution.  Thus, the idiotic thinking goes, money IS FREE SPEECH, just not free.

This absurdist thinking then goes on to say giving people giant mounds of cash to vote the way you want is protected in the Bill of Rights under free speech.  And most Americans have fallen for this.

Maybe if the Supreme Court ends up hearing the FIFA case it will side with the bribers under the precedent of Citizens United.

And maybe if those who have lost homes, or jobs, or both, and those who saw their jobs shipped overseas, and those disenfranchised on elections day (see Florida and North Carolina for shining examples of this stunt) snap out of their TV-induced haze, we will wake up and vote for someone who would in fact change the entire system,as Obama promised to do.

The USA is not the world’s policeman, it is the world’s imperialist dictator.  I’m waiting for a cartoonist to hit the irony button about FIFA being unmasked by USA investigators.

Whatever happened to the investigative reporters at our newspapers, magazines, TV Networks?  Oh yeah, most have been fired in favor of Wolf Blitzer or XXXXXO’rielly.  Chris Hedges:  such a good digger upper of the truth he won a lot of top journalism awards.  What did the New York Times do to such a great reporter? they fired him.  Check out for his work

Bernie Sanders has been to NC twice in his 18 month campaign.  He didn’t get an interview or a single line of notice from any newspaper here.  Thanks for that reminder Bob Geary (The Independent)..

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