Art, Music, Poetry 1

Executed in 2012 in Gwangju, South Korea. Shown at the Jami World Art #1, owned by Chung Eun Chung

Executed in 2012 in Gwangju, South Korea. Shown at the Jami World Art #1, owned by Chung Eun Chung   “Opus 1915”

Down By The River

Black juice squirts and spills, dirties your day-old shirt
in time to impress the bag-boy at the “Korea Town Galleria,”
which is kind of like a flea market plus basement grocery
store located in the heart of neighborhood number four.
Number one being Watts, number two is Compton, three
is East LA, and then Koreaville, just south or north of
Wilshire, but miles apart, with bullet proof cages in liquor
stores, security guards in lots already valet attended, and
a weird mix of fleeing Koreans, homeless Caucasians, slow
moving Mexicans, and scary impoverished wide-eyed
urbanites. So many trade blooming persimmons, the comfort
of sameness, and bad air for this: wilting Oleanders, racial
inequality, and the same traffic jam, same air, same struggle
to pay high rent, but now in neighborhoods you wouldn’t
walk around in day or night. Open lots as garbage dumps,
freeway madness, and the unobliged rich cordoned off
in Bel Air. Let’s say, for giggles, some do give a hoot,
they then gather their friends and pass turkeys to appreciative
but suspicious arms on Thanksgiving. Great, but that leaves
a lot of days left, and since government is not in the business
of helping anyone but business, who will clean up the lots,
make jobs that pay well, create block parties where the four
main sub-groups actually enjoy commingling? Sandy Sierras
poke pyramids up from desert dunes strolled by the ghosts of
Bukowski, Zappa and Steinbeck. Neil Young hangs on, but
once he is gone, the entire hope that flickered when Vietnam
ended will have been dashed. If you’re not sad yet, wait ’til
the market crashes and the chaos begins down by the river.


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