Art, Music, Poetry 2

    Opus 1920,  Studio, Gwangju

Opus 1916, Made in Gwangju

2012, 30 x 30 inches


Swiss beauty, if it

flows through New

Jersey, spreads legs, accepts one

or two who

do not last, just for

the fun of

How you

ended up a strong District

Attorney I will

never know.

Yet, I doubt you’ve found

a way to

forget the wild romps, escape

from frozen

rules, or bullshit that

flew.  Maybe

it was your

inadvertent exposure

to conniving lies

that helped you

beat both those

arrested and their slimy

lawyers.  Come,

hold my hand again

in the dark,, attack

the way you

used to.  Memories smash in

to dreams; are

you still in Tampa?

Who got you for good?


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