Art Music Poetry 11

Opus 63, Stocknridge, 1978

Opus 63, Stockbridge, 1978

Spring 2011 Gwangju, South Korea

Splotchy white-barked Sycamore pushes to surpass pines,
atop Chosun University Mountain. To reach this bench
three hundred ninety seven staircase steps and fifty drops
of sweat are spent. Pretty rich girls stroll on Saturday, but
this empty campus lets spring roll on unadmired by soccer
kickers and potential mates. Chirping birds are more likely
to feel naturally sated after planting egg fertilization, eating
grass seed, flying in the Gobi’s yellow dust. Invasion comes
to mountain peninsula not just from the west, but this spring
from post-tsunami Sendai and its blowing-up nuclear reactors.
Cancer only slows the drums that demand we build illogical
radioactive electricity. Post-modern deconstruction should
be applied to decommission these ogres rather than ascribe
meaning to writing based on assumed idiosyncrasies acquired
during the author’s adolescence. Human activity has brought
us both to productive heights and this wide-mouthed abyss
between rich and poor: it will slow to urgent needs and war
now that demand outstrips supply universally. The young will
have, and the old will keep trying to have sex in order to keep
economic realities at bay, but the very richest will not fashion
legislation to help the poor this time, thus assuring mega-disaster.


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