art music poetry #30

Opus 1406, 2005, Highland Beach, FL

Opus 1406, 2005, Highland Beach, FL

This art came from the Cedar Park Artist Colony, in which artists from all over the world made art in Florida and North Carolina.  Oh what a wild time it was.

The art in Art Music Poetry #19, to #50 represents the debut show at Golden Belt

in Durham NC.  That will be June 19, 2015.  Email for more information.

One Night at Java Joe’s

Fourteen claps, spangled, bald, hopeless:
Fine Young Cannibal commander speaks.
This time he speaks! He says “go ask the
City fathers for a new parade.
Go cry eleven years down the drain!”

Piss on the flowers that keep it colored;
Color the wins that loosen your life
So you can get back on the road.
Sometimes the talk is so good you
Forget to play. You play so hard; so
Much rehearsing for so little play.

So, even though the Jeffreys still
Complain about the three-month crabs:
Is there enough plaid to cover the
Chains that persist through heroin eyes?
When the bird falls dead, you cry.
When the $3.50 bouquet wilts
You clutch small foreign coins and die.

Don’t die now, don’t die now!


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