art music poetry #36

Opus 2053, Dolmens #10,2015, Joan's Garage

Opus 2053, Dolmens #10,2015, Joan’s Garage

The art in Art Music Poetry #19, to #50 represents the debut show at Golden Belt

in Durham NC.  That will be June 19, 2015.  Email for more information.



The Meadow

The meadow’s grains flow in the breeze
While birds fly up above.
The leaves are turning in the trees
And lovers are making love.

The wild asparagus has gone away,
The corn is turning brown.
But this is where I’m going to stay
Because I’m feeling down.

If someone would come with me,
If someone would really care.
I’d take them up and we would see
That chestnut thoroughbred mare.

And we would pick some long tall grass
And throw it at each other.
And we would watch the summer pass
Being friends with one another.

My dearest friend I will not lie,
I love you very much.
But like the elusive butterfly
You are much to nice to touch.



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