Bernie Sanders Must Win

Except for his position on guns (he’s from hunter-heavy Vermont and must at least stay in the senate),Bernie Sanders is a great candidate for president.  Not just to try to pull Hillary to the left, but also because many things need to start happening quicker if we are to keep the planet and the USA safe for seven generations to come.

1) remove all troops from overseas.

Who says the USA should control all human and natural resources, and wow aren’t there enough people mad at us already? We’ve attacked 91 countries (some three times, some even more than that) since World War II.  We’ve set up army, navy, air force, marine bases nearly everywhere.  We’ve exerted ourselves when not wanted and it’s ALL for the folks in the filthy rich top part of the top 1%.

2) regulate carbon emissions with an enforceable gasoline rationing plan.  Stop fracking…isn’t Oklahoma enough of a clue?!?

3)  all those SUVs and big trucks that were let OFF Jimmy Carter’s sensible fleet requirements for better gas mileage need to be put BACK ON.  Clinton/Gore made this bad deal:  if GM, Ford and Chrysler would just “develop” alternative engines, then the SUVs and Trucks they built would NOT be on the list of vehicles that had to improve gas mileage in order for their manufacturers to continue in business.  Honestly, why not ban all vehicles under 30 MPG?

4) ONLY allow the manufacturing of products that do not hurt the planet, and encourage more recycled products.  OK great Polar Fleece is made from recycled plastic of bottles used in New England.  But, do you REALLY know where your recycle material ends up? It’s a very hard one to track accurately in most locations.

5)  WHO NEEDS ALMONDS?  Really.  California grows upwards of 20% of the USA food supply.  Yet, its farmers and well drillers are now tapping water that will take 300 years to replenish, and that’s 300 years without ANY wells and with regular rainfall.  Hello, skip the almonds, go for water. (see 60 minutes)

6) Keep the folks who risk their lives for us in the army busy by CLEANING UP THE PLASTIC CONTINENTS IN THE PACIFIC and ATLANTIC.  Use the US Navy’s advanced technology to pick up the nuclear waste that was dumped in the Atlantic in OIL BARRELS during the beginning of nuclear power.

7) End all nuclear power by replacing it with alternative energy as Germany is doing.

8) Gun control at the same level as England or South Korea:  NONE.  Allow those who hunt to manage their own ranches and use the meat to survive.  IN fact, help create such places for them, hand them a rifle to hunt with, and don’t let them off the land until they give you the gun back.

9) Nurture town meetings between the rich and the poor, different “races,” different points of view and make sure the turn outs are high via grass roots organizing.  We have to organize under the coercive influence of government, and away from it. Name me eight (8) national governments that aren’t corrupt.  I’ll wait.  Good luck.  The larger the government, the more money it takes to get elected.  Create pockets of sanity in which neighborhoods make their own decisions, thank you very much.  Globalized trade has lowered the value of labor EVERYWHERE.  The TPP is TP, just not as useful.

10) Make sure Bernie gets elected because, though he would not institute any of this, he’s a step in the right direction.  Please

HELP MAKE IDEAS BEAT MONEY this time around.



Opus 1463, 2005, Chapel Hill

Opus 1463, 2005, Chapel Hill

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