Red Herrings, brought to you by the US Supreme Court

Yes indeed folks, it’s election time again.  OK a bit earlier than usual, but what with 14 Republicans and three democrats running (and two more republicans lined up in the wings, it’s already a circus show with clowns (Trump, Huckabee, Rubio, Paul) to the left of me, jokers to the right (Clinton) here I am (the Supreme Court that is) stuck in the middle with you…

There is not middle in this one, it’s all right, way right, and Bernie Sanders…staking out a new type left, a place not bod at all 35 years ago, but flat out courageous these days.

Not to be outdone, the Supreme Court has accepted cases, and ruled in ways you just couldn’t have guessed since Citizens United helped free up zillions of bucks that can be donated anonymously, and directly by corporations too.

Why would they legalize for all eternity (maybe) gay marriage in every state? Why would they put a rubber stamp on Affordable Health care (whether it is or not affordable)?  And why would they even delve in and say that housing practices can be held accountable for being discriminatory, even if the landlords don’t purposefully discriminate?

The simple explanation is that these items (though lethal injections were also held up) show that our middle three “swing voters” on the supreme court all wised up to the left at the same time.  Close examination, I submit,will find that the timing of these whoppers will shape the 2016 presidential election around gay rights, and affordable health care (though 34 states opted out from the get-go).

And, no matter how great the concept is that landlords should not discriminate, that ruling does only a little to effect real change in a time when the Ku Klux Klan is about to have a rally in Columbia South Carolina,  NO siree, things have not changed, when you factor in the manufacturing jobs that have left (more to come thanks to Obama’s Trans Pacific Partnership(TPP, known affectionately as TP, or toilet paper) and a good hunk of those jobs had been held by African Americans, PLUS the influx of young workers from Mexico, China, Haiti, Russia, China, etc. who, legally or not, have taken another hunk of jobs away from  American labor right here at home.

Clearly humans should have the right to live wherever they want, but a tidy flow that keeps the new home countries viable economically would be better than the mess we’re in.

SO here come the nine (by 5-4 in most cases, just like when its nine votes were the only ones that counted in 200 When GWB stole the election thanks to some slight of hand by his brother Jeb, and nearly those same nine . So when the Supreme Court makes unexpected rulings right before an election, and being as conservative as it is few of these are amazing!, you can be sure there is more than one meaning.

If all we care about is gay marriage, and (why not thrown in pro-choice abortion rights?), health care (but still with no mention of CUTTING COSTS!) and a whitewashed version of anti-discrimination (but only in terms of rentals) thanks to the Supreme Court’s merriment, THEN WE MAY WELL FORGET THAT THE EARTH IS FALLING APART DUE TO CARBON EMMISSIONS, and that we are still at war in NINE countries, and that we are sinking in debt, a la Greece, while still spending hundreds of millions of dollars a day in order to keep the oil wars going.

How many are against fracking in the swelling field of 17?  How many have concrete plans to withdraw not just the troops in the middle east, but all other foreign bases already established?

As a kid it was always “tough on crime” (read racist, and white on top and sneering down) and abortion that were used as  false currency in political campaigns.  So if we get all tied up in gay marriage, the cost of “affordable” health care, and racism as riots rather than pow-wows we won’t notice the fact that another democrat is about to hammer labor with his TPP, as Clinton did with NAFTA and GATT 2) and that now billions are lined up against us due to our stupid use of force overseas.

Once again we’ll be hoodwinked by big media who will call this horserace by who is raising the most money, while ignoring the pressing issues of the day.

I pray Bernie Sanders gets invited to the debates, and gets to speak his mind.

Maybe, just maybe, the events of the day will cause people to think before they vote.  And maybe All the red herrings flopping around the TV, internet and newspapers will, for once, be ignored, and analysis will be employed to refined our thinking of how to get out of our debt without causing the stock market to crash.

I say don’t bite.

I say register as many friends and neighbors to vote as you can, then ignore the red herrings, and get the good policies back on the front burner so the people can have a choice based on reality, not Supreme Court junk (be it ever so benevolent).


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