What is love?  What is commitment?  When the love flame dies, can one count on a regular meal and help with the laundry as love?  Is it as simple as making a great life for your children, no matter the distrust and hatred between parents?

For those of us who watched parents fight, and I mean the type of destructive arguments that tear holes in all around, then we might quickly jump to separating from a spouse that we no longer get along with.  But, as an example, what if one person thought they had sacrificed everything for someone who no longer loves them, and the other person feels the same way, and this went on for eight years?  Then what?

What if they have the most amazing child but the child can only cry and scream and play referee during fights, and there is no resolution, because one adult keeps trying to get the other adult to look at WHY things are falling apart, and the other won’t do it; or because one adult is willing to continually sacrifice not only their own personal beliefs and “how to do things” but also play along (passively or as a true blue masochist) in order to smooth things over.  And the other becomes a world champion in taking advantage of this?

Is it time to separate so the child no longer has to be in this recurring nightmare?  Or should they try to work it out (again)?

OK my 748 followers, what to you think?  My friend’s emotional stability may depend on getting some good answers here.

Wow this blog just entered the twiglight zone.

Ooopsy daisy,


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