Art Poetry Music #48

Flotsam, Highland Beach, 2005

        Flotsam, Highland Beach, 2005

If you love the east west mix, start this one about 30 minutes in, otherwise, I recommend watching the whole thing.



You cranked us

up, stole band members,

pulled practice together, and

even bought

a van.  By God we

were going to be

rock stars, or at least

regional favorites.  Cheers for

the first show at the

Cave at Roanoke College.

Then a run

to Harrisonburg,

opening for Boyd Tinsley:


in the pre-Dave days.

The Coffee Pot break

was as solid as

the glue you used to found us.

Your speed was full tilt

in a group of laid

back.  Never

to forget the glory days,

now so far

away, but you found

a niche in music,

while some of

us hung it up completely.

For you the

motivation runs

deep. Rock on young man.

3 thoughts on “Art Poetry Music #48

      • Yes, I believe in staying current with misic. I were a lot about different current music. I liked Fall Out Boys recently posted and listen to Sam Smith, Taylor Swift, Pharrell Williams and John Legend. I am one who appreciates all kinds of cultures and include in discussions on posts! 🙂

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