art poetry music #56

Opus 1648 Large a true expressionist moment

Opus 1648 Large
a true expressionist moment

16 July 2001, Room 6, Groveland Hotel

An iron door clangs,

One bat flaps over the roof

As Blythe, not snooty,

Retires after a summer-soup day.

The old jail emits the ghosts

That still haunt the top of

The hill.  Imagine traveling so

Far only to be squeezed out.

Too many men, not enough

Gold, but these days, plenty

Of jails.  You stake a claim,

Dig best you can, only to get

Flea bites, blisters and no

Way home after you trade

Your last mule for two

Week’s slop.  We don’t

Know anything like that

Now.  We’re soft, getting

Softer every year.  But bats

Flap, doors clang, and the

Flow of visitors provides

A few steady jobs.  Is

This the last fling for nature?

Do we extract what we

Can and move on, or is

Our new way even more

Exploitive?  Tomorrow we’ll

See things we’re not

Likely to see again in

This life.  So here’s to the

Friendly folks who spread

Joy with small porcelain

Dolls, antique surroundings,

Creative meals, funny

Ghost stories, and the humanity

To remember how it was.

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