Note to friends:

What if your best friend not only committed a verifiable slander on you in a nationwide newspaper, but also mentioned extremely personal things in this published article?

Some would go to court and win.

Most, if not all,would wipe the offending party off all contact lists.

In my case I gave the rascal a chance to make ammends.  Stay tuned for the results.

In the mean time, enjoy this:

Opus 1556, green and yellow on purple 24 x 36. 72 dpi - Copy

Two needless chairs expire,

Water drops on rust.

New color happens.

Man-made polyethylene lasts

While metal slowly syrups

To a puddle on cement.

The splashes splash

Much smaller in the

Thicker, sadder pool.

At the time of April

Water (loving self)

Splashes higher into water.

Needles drop on scene

On time, from pines.

Dark and bending branches

Promise further litter,

It changes green to tan

Then brown amidst the rain.

Sand is hardening, to

Become a crystal image.

Chipped-off paint adds

Yellow to a widening

Scope of dismally

Contradictory experience.

written at age 20


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