Art Music Poetry 62

Kicevo OPus 1682 or so IMG_3889

One made at the 2009 Kicevo, Macedonia Art colony


Great Expectations


Great expectations – great?

But what when the obvious happens?

A predictable animal grasps you

And throws you to the ground.


Thoughts of how nice it would be if . . .

Then they vanish like a dream when you wake up.


A floating reality teases your mind,

It is there but it may never reach you.


Written at age 12.

4 thoughts on “Art Music Poetry 62

  1. Poetry genius even at 12! The angst of the pre snd teenage years captured here… I used to think just like this, longing to be off adventuring, but stuck at home and in school, dreaming so much…

    Love this!

    • Cara-

      Please get in touch with the artist Adam Narcross, as explained in an email recently. Thanks for liking my early stuff…I wonder if my recent work holds up to it!?


    • I have trevalled a ton, but never blogged it. I can’t compete with your stuff, for one, but I am so wrapped in other persuits these days. Thus seeing yours is a gas.

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