#73 MUSIC, the Gadflies, “Flux” and art and poetry

Opus 1552 300dpi best shot web - Copy

Yes it’s me.  Hello it’s you…this is a lip synch to a song I wrote with Kyle peters and Cristian Alva.  I sing it and play bass.   More Douggie surprises soon!

Curled hair bobs and flows

loves this nut who is

not very kinky for a

man who wears

knee-high stockings, but…

She waits, feels

abandoned except

during busy days.

PC discussions

mingle with game playing as

energetic child

asks which sport is next.

No friend lives without love, as

only life’s

loveless souls are shunned.

Spirit breaks

if oppressed. We knew

we could not impose

or survive any

more:  our common ground.

I long for

your laugh, enthusiasm,

lust for life,

knowing glance, heartfelt

hand stretched out for me.

Birds move fast

in cold Korea, scurry

for scant seeds;

determined women

do all for children.


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