art music poetry 67

Set the Controls

                         Set the Controls

(Can you see the little Pink FLoyd in the lower middle/right?  He has blue eyes, nose and mouth.

This one goes out to the Nail Drivers an excellent band that used to cover this song (Roanoke and surrounds, 1987-1989).

Take A.I.M

Several times within the week

My heart begins to ache,

To the Seneca I speak,

No need here to fake.

Skaneatles, Canandaigua,

Wine surrounds the lakes.

Seneca and Keuka

Are missing native wakes.

No more red-skinned swimmers,

No more birch canoes.

Bare Hill is getting dimmer,

Iroquois are few.

Ganundua is still quite red,

But only once a year.

At other times the nation’s dead,

It always brings a tear.

Iroquois nation will return,

Just look into my eye.

The rage inside the nation burns

We will never die.

written age 16


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