art music poetry 68

Upright Rabbit?

                 Upright Rabbit?   2010

The Creek

Harvesting future sauerkraut,

Paddling the lake.

Spearing for a rainbow trout

Baking cornbread cake.

Smothing down an arrowhead,

Digging trilobites.

Walking where our brothers bled,

Singing funeral rites.

Hiking back along the creek,

Past the cherry trees.

Raspberries, they seem so meek,

But bloody up the knees.

Creekbed slowly running dry,

But then a waterfall.

A pause to sit and wonder why,

To hear the blue jay call.

Water drops into the pool

Like a giant tear.

Elders preach a peaceful rule,

We pray for a plentiful year.

written at age 16


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