#74 MUSIC Gadlfies, “Ice age Show” and “Christina Ricci” and Art and Poetry

Opus 1532 Hello Heathens - Copy

Owned by Ben and Susan, Beantown.

Ice Age Show and Christina Ricci from the 2001 Gadflies recordings.

Doug Stuber, Bass Vocals, lyrics; Kyle Peters guitar, music; Cristian Alva, drums, rhythm coach.

HAYTI Center, January 31, 2013


Community Health Centers swell to bursting after private

universities buy the general hospitals, start turning away

anyone without insurance.  Plenty die who would ordinarily

be saved if the Hypocritic oath were as weighty as the

almighty dollar.  Making big bucks of the already-made-

miserable in society is not reserved for lawyers or mortgage

bankers, so let’s add hospital corporations, medicinal supplies,

overpriced insurance, overpriced schools, nice controls and

the real prospect of Medicaid/Medicare cuts that would make

matters worse for who, guess who!? Let’s get this straight:

first they build out for-profit jails and FEMA camps, then they

bail out the thieves at the top, now they figure to balance one trillion

dollars per year  deficits on the backs of the same neighborhood

that saw all its jobs disappear and filled the jails…and the way

they will start is to finish medical support!?  That and firing

more teachers, allowing beidges to collapse, and, yeah, oh yeah,

still hoisting research grants for next generation weaponry.  Health

care, oh HEALTH CARE you glorious symbol of all that is

fascist about my dear USA.  Lord, keep me healthy!

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