Susan and Ben pown this one too.  Hello in beantown

Susan and Ben pown this one too. Hello in beantown

Multi moments multiply, multicultural generations blossom youngsters

As capitalist refugees, ex pats and local ladies and men brave the

provincial natural reaction to any invading force, be they linguists

or “liberators.”  Bone-up on enough local customs and you can

flourish, especially for those adept at leading two lives: public

and private.  Indeed the gossip wire is powered by the

most efficient Tesla/Bondini magnetron.  Go gently into this,

learn fast, join in, do not go it alone.  Friends dear friends

will make this neighborhood so appealing, over time you’re

not gonna wanna go home.  The swirl of what comes next

becomes intricate as economics worsen pm a rotating

basis, the direct result of greed soaked, yet bailed out anyway

bankers.  Where is safe?  What is safe?  Old? Arable land?

Protein?  Find your place fleeing youngsters, paradise lays

At your feet, just work hard, make contacts and primarily, be

Born into the right family, or, if need be, marry in.  Never let

The love die.  Build multiple paths and bridges over philosophical

Abysses.  Remain yourself and insist on self time, or poker

With ex pats, or dance parties filled with common hook-ups

And soap opera exits up steep leg-exposing stairs.  Welcome home!

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