Art Music Poetry #90

Opus 1707, Kicevo, Macedonia, 2010

Opus 1707, Kicevo, Macedonia, 2010

Eagle Pond Farm

October in New Hampshire means colored leaves for kicking.

Donald kicks a few heading into town for cheese.

He notices that the antique dealer, once again, announced

The coming of winter by changing his sign.  It now reads:

“Driveways Plowed, Reasonable Rates.”  The type of

De-evolution Donald appreciates.

Standard time ensures contrast, as autumn’s last bonfire

Sends a leaf-shaped spark into the air.

A simple way of life is free to walk around without inspection:

So Donald does.  He checks out of Najur’s General Store

With Gouda and N.Y. Sharp Cheddar tucked away.

He climbs up the knoll then down the driveway to the farm.

He kicks a pinecone to the safety of the woods.

He exhales steam that quickly disappears.

He can almost see ice forming on the pond.

Donald in this poem refers to Donald Hall.

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