Art Music Poetry #91

Opus 1703, Kicevo, Macedonia, 2010

Opus 1703, Kicevo, Macedonia, 2010

The featured image today is one of 350 names attached to crosses of innocent people who died during the US invasion of Iraq.  There is also the name of one US soldier in this artistic graveyard.  That is the ratio that has occurred there, and prompted this vastly inhuman refugee crisis:  350 innocents for every one soldier dead.  Oh.  Oh No.


One cherry blossom detaches, falls, aSINGLE unit
allowing fruit its space, starting its new journey: island
to reflecting pond, orchard to cottage yard, daughter to
lover, enhanced by the wind, if even for only six seconds.
Transformed to long-boned genius, long-yearning adult,
considerate friend, purple-green plaid from soft pink,
tan suede boots from four-petalled bloom. Hikaru, as they
say in Japan, hits the town running, arms crossed, cradling
herself like the war-torn victims of Vietnam, but not
worn or torn, she flings enthusiastic youth toward
outstretched limbs. She captures herBEGINNING and future
simultaneously, shedding one form, embracing another,
sweating humid Spring, still awkward in this skin.
Descending unannounced, she moves among mere mortals
Spreading joy, quietly demanding obedience,OFFERING all
in exchange for all. Most cannot accept, choose an
easier, less complicated path; but those brave strong souls
Born from deep roots blessed metamorphosed
beings who join Miss Cherry soon realize, if for one day,
week, or lifetime, their lives will never be the same.

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