Barry, Chapter one, Part IV

Thoughts, a mile-a-minute came into my head, as I had been given official license to do whatever I wanted.  I didn’t notice the walk home, past “Catholic row” where children outnumbered parents by an average of five to one.  I didn’t stop by to see Derek, Jim, John or David as I swung down Georgian Court, a road Mom called “The Gaza Strip.” She being resolutely ethnocentric and “World War II conservative.”

I hung a walking left onto Trevor Court, in a neighborhood (The Barnard Tract)n recently made famous in a book showing just how closed off one rich family was from the others, but this was never true for the kids, back in the 70s.  No. There were pick-up sports games in all three academic seasons.  Summer found us at Canandaigua Lake, visited by cousins, and many others.  The Martins next door got a summer spot near us at the lake also, but were not always at my parents big blow-out parties.  Then, in an act of coincidental synchronicity, the McQuaids bought the ranch house my dad had built by himself (minus plumbing and electricity) 25 years earlier.  It was south of us and on the east die of the lake, near Bare Hill, the Iroquois meeting place.


Barry Chapter One Part III

“If you’re going all the way to Clover Street, that would be super.  I live near the corner of Clover and East Avenue,” I boldly announced at circus barker volume.

“Oh we can swing that way right honey?” she said, with a look that acted like a nudge. Leaned back and imagined I looked relaxed, even if running on 14-year-old testosterone.  Ten minutes later, maybe less, there we were, in the very green and well manicured neighborhood.

“Thanks,” I said, closing the door of their white 1970 AMC Ambassador. Funny door handles, kind of square, that pulled open like the latch to an old freezer, only sideways.


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Creative Action Network Presents


Tonight from 6:30 to 8:30pm at the Folwer Building,

410 Blackewell Street, across from the DUrham Bulls Ballpark


Durham NC.

A Semi-Formal Event with costumes in the Alice-in-Wonderland theme.

Opus 2014  3/2015     36 x 36    Primordial Reach"

Opus 2014 3/2015 36 x 36 Primordial Reach”

Swiss Family Robinson_Doug Stuber The Secret Garden_Doug Stuber

Opus 2091 Primordial frog

Opus 2091 Primordial frog

Opus 2090 Taoist Monk in Prayer

Opus 2090 Taoist Monk in Prayer

These newly minted book covers will be on display, and available in poster form.

OH it’s gonna be rainy here, but who cares?  You can buy the poster version of these covers at

Don’t forget the , between action and network.


Yours in happyville,


Artists I know.


Next let me plug an opening I have on Wednesday in Durham.  Go to:

Susan and Ben pown this one too. Hello in beantown

Susan and Ben own this one. Hello in beantown

This one was done about 1995.  It has been with them since they moved from Brooklyn to Boston about 8 years ago.

And here’s some art by other artists I’ve come to love.

The ducks fighting

Three ducks fighting

This piece is by Sergei Andreevski.  He’s one of the living masters, and hails from Macedonia.  I got it by sponsoring the No Boundaries Artist Colony back in 1998.

Lucky lucky lucky, as Andreevski put it on the cover of a number of catalogues since then.

Joey Howard, rose window

Joey Howard, rose window

Joey was the proprietor of Trace Gallery in Raleigh, back when freewheeling outrageous art was still seen in public in Raleigh.  His own incorporated found marterial, interesting concepts, and a lot of silicone to bring it all together.  Everyone I know misses Trace Gallery now, as that type of bohemian art scene has dried up around here.  Holy conformity batman.

Anna Podris

Anna Podris

Anna stil has a studio with her husband Keith Norval at Artspace in Raleigh.  Wow her stuff continues to soar from this point, which was over a decade ago.  She araely does watercolors anymore.  Shame that.

OK that’s enough for today.



Art Plug and hello again

Hello to the dozens or so who may have missed adding my blog to their regular reading role the last few days.

For one, I was busy making book covers.  here they are!

Woman catches 300 pound jumping tuna

Woman catches 300 pound jumping tuna

The reason this one got named is that a very attractive woman from Savannah GA, or close to it, had just caught a 300 pound tuna when she wandered into a salad shop (SALADELIA, Durham, NC) and simply “had” to buy this painting.  That was about a decade ago.

It originally hung with the left side as the top, but a keep eye spotted more narrative in this format, and so a painting was born, via re-hanging in another direction.

Isn’t that a great story?  it’s another example of how extreme synchronicity works its magic in our lives.  but it only works to your advantage if you are open to change, and spontaneous.

Now, how’s that for a story?

Note the chops on Stewart Copeland’s drumming.  Short blasts of fills that amaze and dazzle.

St. Andrews, Scotland: Small Town, Huge Presence


It’s always awesome to walk in ancient places, where people, way back when life was more natural, picked as their nesting grounds.  I mean, St. Andrews is mostly cold, often windy, rainy, full of hale and rain…brisk even on a sunny day in August.  So what was it about this place that made people huddle together, albeit in small numbers?

I mean before the golf course.


Way before.


Was it the fair maidens?


The great jokes?


Stone and or Freemasons?

Scotch Whisky?

But, at least for us moderns, the site of sports cars:


meant little compared to the winding berns


and future tales to tell to inspire our children to make the trek, golf or no golf.

Some shephard somewhere, with spare time, due probably to great dogs, thought up golf.  I mean this was a man with spare time and land to boot.  18 holes?  go figure.

No other sport offers a completely different day each and every time you play.  Even if you play the same course, golf is a new experience, usually frustrating, sometimes amazing, and surely never ending in that you can always do better than you did.  The satisfaction comes from a spiritual level of connection: to the land, to your friends, to the zen it takes to play well, to the luck of being outdoors in the electronic age.

Its not fair that everyone doesn’t get a chance to blow 4-8 hours a week outdoors doing what they want.  Such a great deal of luck to be able to get away once in a while.

Some recently arrived refugees play soccer in Italy. But how many refugees will there be due to the golfers who took power and ran with it?  Such a wonderful activity, but its got all the stink of upper class domineering attached by now.  Hmmm. An enigma.   Maybe it’s time to hang up the clubs and go far a sail, or a swim, or to volunteer.

Birthday Eve: Three amazing women, one synchronous moment in 1991


Thistles.  The natural wonder of Scotland.

Here’s a quick story.  I was in love with a woman for at least 11 years who was born on the Scorpio/Libra cusp known as October 22.  She is #2 in this sequence.Before her I was in love with another amazing woman for four years, but made the error of going out to caddy on the LPGA Tour.  Well maybe it worked out for everyone on that one.  In between and continuing as a friendship beyond until now, I met a Russian woman on the International Peace Walk in 1987 in Russia and again in 1989 here in the USA in Philadelphia.

In 1991 the Russian lady visited us in Gainesville, Florida.  I was with Woman #2 then.

The three of us went to the Oaks Mall, and voila lady #1 was shopping there by luck.

All four of us sat (I bet I was the most uncomfortable) for an hour or so chatting, and what makes this story interesting to anyone else is this:

All three were born on October 22.


It’s a super significant day for me.  Anyone else out there have such an amazing coincidental day in their lives?