What if?

I like this one

What if you had a muse.  The muse was constantly inspiring more art, more poetry, more investigation of the multiple aspects of life that you might have overlooked.  Let’s say you had this muse for 1.5 years, and she/he was in your life as completely as possible, but then had to leave.  How long would that use still inspire you?  i’d say it has to do with how well you were inspired while together.  Also, how strong the bond became.

The muse in my life will not vanish.  She is just around the corner in my mind.  Just an electronic click away, most times.  and the type of friend, though we may not meet again for a long time, that will always inspire these words.  I took a week off here, as I got busy with regular chores.  Glad to be back.  Hope to regain my blogster friends.  Everyone I follow in here has inspired me to keep going in blogland, so thanks for the constant perks here.

Have a great week, enjoy your weekend (should you get one) and don’t forget how smart the children are.

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