Don’t Drive that way anymore

There was this man.  A regular guy only in his own mind.  To others, part big man, part child, part creative force, part jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none, and 100% emoticon.

One day he fell in love.  He had a great time of it until she had to go away.  Now he remains happy, but still can’t drive that way, not down that road, not near that place, not into that town, and just barely catches his breath on the days he has to snap out of it as he rumbles down the hiway, anywhere near the old stomping grounds.

This man, of course, not known to many, wants a full ride in life, wants to be whole again, wants to be loved, like anyone else.  For now he paints, he blogs, he reaches out to hands just barely touching: to those who can only care from a distance, those vital electronic charges, particles, words.

Keep track of your heart, he tells himself, gather in to your son, the one who loves unquestioningly, at least for now.  Play ball, paint together, cheer the games, and remind yourself, anything is possible, expect a miracle, keep tuned to the Creator.

It’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood.  get out an enjoy it.

One thought on “Don’t Drive that way anymore

  1. “anything is possible” is available to all who have the patience to be still and listen to the words of their hearts. I am sorry to hear of your loss, perhaps one day your paths will end up at each other’s doors. Very nice blog, Mr. Stuber. Have a gorgeous day! 🙂

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