Nudge into the unknown

When a person has already abused your trust with investment schemes, don’t do any more business with them.  It’s that simple.


Just knock down the request and move on.

Move more into what you know.  Stay close to the vest.  It’s no time to back a poor plan.

3 thoughts on “Nudge into the unknown

  1. I am not sure it is that simple. Will the cons simply move on to another innocent victim and then another and another? Maybe some poor old soul who cannot afford to lose their pension will get fair warning if someone has the courage to speak up.
    Isn’t part of the problem in this world that people continue to be victims because most people are too afraid or embarrassed to admit they’ve been had, and let people get away with crime? Why not point a finger? Why not demand justice?

    • Agreed. So many people are complacent even about their own lives being hosed unjustly.

      Many times the emotocons- poets, artists, musicians, actors, street mimes, etc. are really just people who don’t care to participate in the dog eat dog world of corporate, but then end up in their own dog eat dog worlds of creativity, that are even more demanding, and hard to rise to a success in. Hmmm, not easy out there, so you might as well attempt to live a self-guided life. Also a trick to find a mate who you match so well with that both dreams overlap and are easy to support.

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