Some people have Great taste

One is David Snape:

Thank you sir for the plug.

Opus 1463 40 x 30  300 dpi - Copy

This one is soon to be traded for a piece of incredibly crafted pine straw basketry by Renata Lader.  Ooh boy.

The featured yellow painting is now in the collection (the family has aquired four ) of Laura and Luc (aka Luc and Laura).

2 thoughts on “Some people have Great taste

    • I pray I come off, and REALLY am less of an egomaniac as Dali was, but it takes a touch of that to fight through all the junk involved with the art world. In love his BRUSH abilities and technical prowess. I used ot live near St. Petersburg, so when the Dali Museum from the Morse collecoitn, of course) moved down from Cleveland I was there once or twice a year.

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