Monday Monday

It’s a crisp Monday here in North Carolina.  How’s it going where you are?

This one turned out to be the most favorite painting last Friday:

Opus 1561, 2006, Chapel Hill

Opus 1561, 2006, Chapel Hill

Hard to believe since it’s so old.  Anyway, we had a fun open house, and we wish you had been able to come.  Please let me know if you have anything in the art/performing arts/book readings or other public performances coming up.  I love to travel.


4 thoughts on “Monday Monday

      • Meetings between people are always some interesting moments and especially when you come around common interests.
        During this time I travel very little to difficulties related to work.
        But if you happen to go in Italy you can contact me through my site easily.
        (I’m sorry again for the imperfections of my English. I’m learning…)

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