Barry, Chapter One, Part XIX

They screamed, then one said “who are you, go away, this is private property.”

            “Is that you Lisa?” I asked.  “Your mother sent us down here from my parent’s party.”

            “Get out of here, she did not,” Lisa belched as she said.

            “It’s Barry, I’ve seen your dad out at the jazz club, we’re just out late to have fun, we’re not criminals.

            “Let me take a look at you,” Lisa said, as she unzipped a six-man tent, her flashlight ablaze.  “Oh bit’s you three, I see.  Well then, why exactly would your parents let you drive a boat so far at night? And why would my mom send you down here to ruin our slumber party?”
 Never shy around  women, Thomas spoke the truth: “she sent us down on a panty raid..”

            “OK, that’s it, get out of here!”

            “But wait,” Jerry protested, that’s exactly what she said, but that doesn’t mean that is what we came down here to do.”

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