Thanksgiving Prayer

                   KC and the Thanksgiving Prayer



I gave a thanksgiving prayer to a new family I met near Asheville.

I got twigs and built a triangle (the three goddesses: corn, squash and

beans) and a square (the four directions:  North – Winter and cleansing,

East: Spring and beginnings, South: Summer and warmth, West: Fall

and remembrances.  The triangle sits above the square, because it is the

women who feed us.


You start in the square facing West and, while turning right for each

new direction, say:


We salute you for your wind and fresh new sky

We salute your wonderful people and cleansing snow

We greet the day with dreams to labor by

We salute your sun and love and fun and go


To green mountains, cold river by the leaves

Of Rhododendron bushes, tall black trees.

A new friend of mine now believes,

Captured by spirits she feels but doesn’t have to see.

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