A Second Language Christmas

A Second Language Christmas

We teach because we believe communication creates
enough community to turn this planet from disaster
back to freedom. Away insipid fascist controllers of
everything from water to wages! OK we may not be aware
that our mission is to connect souls, to establish local
beach-heads of trust and mutual satisfaction that present

an option far different than the one prescribed by WTO

edicts, winner-take-all capitalism. Ever notice how those
standardized tests squeeze minds into a world view that
works to optimum advantage as a cog down at X-Y-Z
factory? Sure it’s profit over people, in which horrors
fan out like paratroopers; of course it’s pollution and
war-tax, rotten neighborhoods, grandfather hauling a
day’s load of cardboard for 5 Bucks, 5,000 Won, enough
for rice and a cold winter without electricity, dang it
where are the families? Ah, but this is a cheery Holiday
greeting, let’s go back to the language bridge so we can
help people spread the word about what’s really happening.
Come eat with us, let’s talk, let’s build dreams into reality
on our own terms, away from globalized mercantile Christmas.

The WTO is the World Trade Organization that towers above country’s sovereignty in naked, bold, pure, unsullied, un-monitored or regulated support of profits at the lowest possible labor costs available on the planet. It was invented by GATT II, the Global Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. It has lowered the value of labor considerably, while also making less people able to afford the products they make. This of course, can only be sustained via massive debt and the propping of certain markets by those building the products. (China lending to the USA comes to mind, then selling its products at Wal-Mart).

Merry Christmas 3

Dad's photo and roses, Christmas, 2015

After some great times in Daytona Beach, Orlando and Naples, we swung through St. Pete and  Clearwater (Yes over the Sunshine Skyway) and finished the trek home on Christmas.

My son James commented “It’s not the same type of Christmas this year.”  No not the same. But I reminded him that it’s OK to start new traditions while still honoring the traditional ones.  The new tradition is also a kind of old one.  Even when in Korea 7 years we never missed a Christmas with my Dad, and the tradition is new now that we don’t have a Dad,a Grandfather and a friend to reminisce with in person, but we won’t break the string,and figure to be back again next year.

Uh, Naples isn’t quite the same as it was the first year I visited my grandfather there.  Back then the town had about 3,000 people, moistly fisherman.  They say a few folks have retired there since he did in the mid 50s.

So Merry Christmas to all in Naples, and anywhere else you may be.  Happy and peaceful and safe New Year too!

Merry Christmas 2, Song 4

Below is in response to “torrito’s blog:



Propaganda rules. Obama, the lying sack of…is not better than Bush I or II, Clinton or Reagan. All five of these war-mongering apocalyptic puppets of the Military economic complex have: Kept wars going (we’ve attacked foreign countries 91 times since WWII) They also sold out American Labor, rigged the bail out (Regan’s Savings and Loan bail out allowed MASSIVE developers a chance to NEVER repay loans in Colorado and California, and then, once the banks were bailed out –Silverado, where both Jeb and Goerge W. served on the board, etc.– build homes on money once borrowed, then covered by taxpayers and become super filthy rich because they NEVER PAID THE MONEY BACK…was topped by Hank Paulson’s trillions of dollars bailout and the ensuing quantitative easing that has resulted in um, FOUR TIMES as many dollars in the world now as were in existence in 2008.) Oh and Obamas most egregious lie? well that would be running on the concept of cost cutting in health care and bring the troops home rom the Middle East. Again lefties were sucked into voting for him, and he never really got the job of cost cutting done, and spread the middle east war to at LEAST six more countries there.

Which brings us to 2016, global warming aside (ASIDE!?) and even Bernie Sanders would go after ISIS. OH? And Obama wants the Sunnis to fight ISIS. Um, did anyone tell him that ISIS grew from the fact that the US backed Shias in Iraq as Sunnis (see Fallujah) were wiped out. Holy double speak Batman. Are Americans this dumb? The goal is to keep Shia and Sunnis fighting ad infinitum. But most importantly, to create the exact same “Continual War” that Obama railed against in his speech. The last commander in chief to go against this bologna (spelled bullshit) was John F. Kennedy. read “None Dare Call It Conspiracy,” if you like.

I got an eerie feeling driving from NC to FLA and now back again. Something is foul and amiss way beyond all the obvious hoarding and greed of the already-rich. Compare Naples, Florida to St. Petersburg, Florida. Compare the lives of white folks to those murdered by police who aren’t white. Ah, and then comes the peace loving “people of different religions” who are now scaring us just by their presence.

OH it sucks when the poor fight the rich man’s war. History shows that is a BOO BOO. One wonders for how many thousands of years will the families of those already dead in the Middle East will come after us in waves. small and large waves?

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but a realist and investigative reporter. All the so-called whackos who say this is the end time….well, got any better ideas? Imagine, if you can, the USA losing a war. How large would that war need to be? Right. Ouch. Merry Christmas. Doug


And now the Song.


Merry Christmas + a Song #2

Merry Christmas everyone.  Travelling to be with family, so a bit spotty lately.

There’s nothing like music to help jog the memory of great friends.

Here’s one that reminds me of my brother.  It’s been 14 years my best friend Tad.  Still you dance in my heart, drum for my band, keep me in line.

Thanks for the memories Bro.


Great Song #1

There is no doubt that music hits almost every life on this planet. This starts another tangent, and it’s songs that remain big in my heart. That simple. Most are old, and have Not all are from artists I love, even.

Here’s one that won’t go away.