The Success and Failures of Barack Obama

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The Successes and Failures of Barack Obama
Posted on April 2, 2014 and May 8, 2014 by dougstuber
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Success #1, he beat Hillary Clinton in the Primaries before the 2008 US Presidential elections to become the Democrat Party Nominee. He did this with 62% of his campaign funding in the primary stage coming from registered Republicans. He succeeded again in defeating John McCain and his ill-thought-out running mate Sarah Palin. This pick was as if McCain did not want to win.
But the pick was not nearly as disturbing as Barack Obama’s pick of Joseph Biden. Why? Because Biden had been the MOST pro-War democrat in the house Foreign Affairs Committee ever. And he led that committee to steer votes in favor of huge military overspending and unwise and unnecessary wars…

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4 thoughts on “The Success and Failures of Barack Obama

    • IN my book he rates a D. Reagan: F; Bush I: F; Clinton: F; Bush II: F. SO he’s risen above the pack as it were, but nowhere near far enough to evade his prolongement of the war, failure to overturn the Patriot Acts, Guantanamo, jobs, poverty, he gets full marks for trying to make things better in the fields of : Gun Control.and a slew of other proposed improvements the congress stonewalled him on. Like Health Care reform, Education Reform, etc.

      • Gun control,then knife control,pressure cooker control.suicide vest control ,home made bombs control.Paris terrorist attack(suicide bombers) Boston terrorist attack pressure cooker ,San Bernardino terrorist attack home made bombs yet Mr.Obama refuses to say these are ISLAMIC terrorist attack

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