Status Quo

Status Quo

Untitled                We are all humans .

There is no doubt, even though this poem is 16 years old, the this type of problem

is now a lot worse than back then.



Status Quo


For now the streets are cluttered:

The poor kill off the poor,

But this won’t last forever

If the “Quo” keeps getting worse.


Guns for sale in neighborhoods

Where crime is the only living

Quarts and vials and bullets

Take without ever giving.


“Innocent” bystanders

Are the ones to blame.

Standing by in times like these

Leaves everything the same.


The quo goes “living standards

Will be on the decline.”

While multi-national barons

Continue their money climb.


No chums around a fireplace

When you can’t pay the bills.

While money-man is traveling

In search of bigger thrills.


Sooner rather than later

The poor will raise their arms.

Replacing all the suited men

Regardless of the harm.


The system as we know it’

Is fading thanks to this:

The greedy haven’t realized

Their life ain’t worth a piss.


The ticking clock inside the bomb

Has passed the witching hour.

There is little hope for most,

So when will freedom flower?


It will when people with the time

Turn to lend a hand,

It will when greedy governors

Give back a hunk of land


The quo has made it possible

For us to live like rats.

Your life to them means nothing

You could end up a stat.


As the status quo gets worse

Violence rules the day.

We better help each other now.

Let us pray.

17 thoughts on “Status Quo

  1. While multi-national barons

    Continue their money climb.
    This poem is incredibly powerful. Important.
    It is poetry with a hint of violence. Beautifully done.
    It is time for to wrest the world from those who have wrecked it.

    • SO we hand the planet over to the indigenous tribes? I’m into that, unless others can prove they live a carbon neutral life. As a kick start, let’s ban cars, or at least force people to live within 8 miles of work? What then of those who don’t make the grade? Hmmm, maybe problems like pollution are best solved locally, as Robert Redford pointed out at the international meeting of mayors today.

    • My response to this world is to develop a close-knit group of friends, and then encourage creative lifestyles of my students, which is easy, since these days they are creative writing students. I don’t fear this world in the slightest. Everyone has their life to live, and by focusing on local problems and those solutions, I was able to walk away for 12 years in the national politics game. Then I lived in Korea 7 years, and though I wrote a lot about politics for newspapers and magazines there, it got me a long way away from the unresponsive “I’m in it for the money” politicians we seem to breed en masse here.
      My guys were NOT gonna get elected, and thus, my shot at being the Whitehouse Press Secretary was hampered by my inability to get my favorites elected. I will give you a clue. In 1992 I wrote speeches for and was east coat coordinator for “Governor Moonbeam,” now who is that? In 1996 and 2000 I worked my butt off for a man who invented the EPA, “Multinational Monitor,” Public Citizen, the Public Interest Research Group and only owned a car from 1954 to 1956 and has been lobbying congress etc. by foot ever since. Another clue: He was the only Presidential candidate to visit all 50 states in one campaign…ever.

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