Barry, Chapter One, part XXIII

Sue: But that’s the problem.   Guys will date especially when its dating with sex, for a long time, maybe forever, without ever committing openly to the relationship.

Me:  I gotta relax, and unwind.  Lisa, can we grab some beers from your parents’ refrigerator?  I’m sure they won’t be home for a while.

Lisa:  But then everyone will want some, and my dad doesn’t keep count, but sometimes my mom does, and she’d notice if they were all gone.

Me: Why would I tell the other tents?

Sue: Oh you’re just rude.

Me:  Ok Ok, I’ll drop it, where were we?

Lisa:  We were at the different ways guys and girls approach each other.

Melissa:  Right.  Is it personality match, all about looks, blind luck?  I think the girls who think they are not pretty sometimes make things worse by adopting negative personalities.  Boys can still be jocks or even respected if essentially negative, but it’s harder for girls to pull off, don’t you think?

Me:  But the less pretty girls are rumored to be very eager to please, and loyal, so who would want to date a stick up cheerleader?” I insisted, noting that there were no cheerleaders in Lisa’s tent, albeit too late if there had been one.

(Oh, I surely stepped in it with that line. Three babes, and I’m talking up the merits of the also-rans.  What an idiot!  And looking back, what a wildly adolescent generalization.)

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