Barry Chapter One, Part XXV

Me: Wow, that’s poetic.  I think it’s funny how opposites attract, and how the couple that has the soft nerd guy with the jock tomboy girl is fairly common, but nowhere near as common as the beauty queen wanting to date the guy who majors in shop and street fights.  Look at our parents, it seems to me the dads say they run the show, but the show they run is at work, while the moms pretty much call the shots, win the fights, and get what they want at home.  Some people just can’t help but push their way into what they want.  Then every once in a while a big fight breaks out when one is tired of being pushed around.

Lisa and Sue looked like the agreed with my assessment, but not Melissa.

Melissa:  My parents don’t fight at all, and they seemto agree on mostmajor subjects. They’re still in love for sure.

Me: Lucky you.

Lisa: My parents are so busy they’re pretty much too tired to fight, and so into being doctors, they don’t bother us with demands.  Both of my brothers are weird.  Ones quiet, and always reading comics, not into sports at all, the other is a wild child running around half crazy .  I get tired of being their mom, especially since one is older.

Sue:  I’m off the hook lately because my sister is the problem.  She gets an earful every day about college, pot smoking, her future, and anything else, like her hippie clothes, or sneaking out late.  If my parents ever found her stash or caught her smoking pot at home I think my house would blow up.  The good news is, I am free to do as I please without being overly inspected.

(Was Sue announcing she was on the prowl, anxious to catch up to her sister, in at least the romance department, or was I over-interpreting in my favor in case Sue became an option should Lisa stonewall me?)

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