Fallujah Fandango

Fallujah Fandango



No greater power rose then fell so low

Than currently mounts the throne, an outhouse seat.

As, to itty bits the Middle East we blow.


It all started decades before San Bernadino

As bomb doors opened, Belgrade to Tekreet.

No greater power rose then fell so low.


Before the next attack, the people pack and go

Through Macedonia or Crete.

As, to itty bits the Middle East we blow.


The drone scout screams “Look out below!”

Refugees submit to smuggling cheats.

No greater power rose then fell so low.


So gather near, learn how to fix, and build and grow.

Cherish these the last days of the feast.

No greater power rose then fell so low.

As, to itty bits the Middle East we blow.

9 thoughts on “Fallujah Fandango

  1. We saw a documentary last night by Australian Michael Ware, who was a ‘Time’ magazine war correspondent in Iraq for seven years. Part of his filming covered the US assault on Fallujah. The documentary, titled ‘Only the Dead’, is grim, depressing and eye-opening. I believe it’s a must-see for anyone who wants to gain some insight into what’s going on in the Middle East.

    • Indeed Dresden and even Nagasaki and Hiroshima come to mind as similar levelings. I am no longer astounded by US mass killings, which in each successive attack (we’ve attacked other countries 91 times since world war II) each with diminishing justification. What astondihes me is that do many Americans have bitten on the propagandist tv and movie lies that no one seems to understand why these flattened countries would be fighting mad at us. One million non combatants dead and over four million refugees. Care to guess how many generations will remember this even if Americans never knew, no less cared

    • Ummm, Europe just sadldled up 3 BILLION Euros to hire Turkey to stop the flow. Turkey got a very bad deal here, so let’s see what happens when the next bunch of clowns takes over the white house, congress,etc. I mean, now more than ever the election is a distraction from a reality that sucks out loud, or is very scary, or…makes me a daily teacher of farming to my son.

      • Thanks for the Michael Moore update. He wrote about my fate in his book “Dude, Where’s Your Country?”

        He helped a lot in 2000 initially, with the Ralph Nader Campaign. Michael often worked up the crowds before Nader spoke, but later in the campaign he begged Nader top quit in order to allow Democrats a better chance of beating Bush Jr. Ooops, Bush stole that election, so Nader’s participation had nothing to do with the outcome. Plus, those who voted for Bush helped him win.

        I love that he was and is such a great journalist and watchdog. Precious few investigative reporters left.

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