April 26, 2013 Five New Ones and Five Old Ones,Copyright 2013 Doug Stuber

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Banana pudding
shows up as a solo act
on a stool at Club
drinking, laughing. No

longer twisted by
what was one of the
notable break-ups
in that it was so
personal, yet the

band held together.
Beehive-professional, she

garnered equipment
knowledge from
her brother’s bassist,

but never could or
would blow the time to
figure the guy (me)
out. So surrounded
by musical clowns,

those who could
and could not stand the rigors
of shit gigs
in order to get
even one Geffen

CD deal.
But SCOTS is forever. She
met him at
a Butthole Surfers
show, quit school, voila.


Oh how could
you remember all
the words to the three hundred
songs we chose
from? In no way a

one-nut, but
mixed nuts can of love,
available to
any woman who so much
as glanced your

way. Oh how
we young men admired
your ability…

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