Post 1022 plus one new piece of art.

For those keeping score, I’m up to 1022 posts now.  I blew past 1,000 without fanfare.


That’s it for today, nothing special.  23 degrees Farhenheit, on a nice sunny day in Durham.


Here’s a new one, better in photo form than the original, as the dang stretcher bars warped while I was outta town for the holidays.



Plenty of leaves used in this one.  60 by 48 inches.

10 thoughts on “Post 1022 plus one new piece of art.

    • Yes I am sure you are. (beautiful) I heard a piece recently on the radion about how beauty = human survival. Going back millenia, it appears that the beautiful areas and beautiful foods are what kept us alive. Hence, in this one man’s mind, without beauty we never would have made it this far. OK I’m with that. Men are lucky women, or even other men, find us beautiful enough to mate with, or play with, or even take coffee with.

      • Well the universe set it up so that beautiful things are life giving things. This sane theorist said that the average beautiful painting in every single culture is a landscape of a savannah with water in it and a perspective that invites viewers to walk into the landscape. The water is life giving and the perspective is from a hill up high which is also required for survival way back

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