Can Korean, or any other Culture Avoid Being Homogenized via Globalization?

This one still applies, only more scary now.

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Saving Korean culture is going to be left in the hands of generations who spend an entire lunch on their smart phones. A lunch, mind you, at which three old friends have re-united after a long semester in universities spread all over the country.

If the attention spectrum of our youth is so fractured, and less and less sign up for drum troops, play traditional instruments, sing Pansori or Throt, or, importantly, paint, write or dance in the old ways, the old ways will disappear.

Korea has long been occupied: by China, Mongolia, China, Japan and now the USA. Even though many households, especially in Joellanamdo still stick to Confucian rules, the attraction of the occupiers cannot be denied. We still name our children using Chinese characters, wear Hanboks at weddings, eat rice cake cookies and Kimchi; but the current overthrow of Korean culture may be complete.

Here’s why: other…

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2 thoughts on “Can Korean, or any other Culture Avoid Being Homogenized via Globalization?

  1. Tht’s the problem of all countries that had been colonized. However, influences from these colonizers are who Koreans are today. The Philippines had the same problem, a colony of Spain for 400 years, and by the US for 50 years, and now, this is what the Filipinos are…. a bunch of hybrids in all aspects of their lives, too Hispanic to be Asian, too Malay to be Hispanic, so they are in the middle, and that’s what they are … in the middle , neither here nor there.

    • Right. I hung with only Pinay while in Korea, as Koreans were way way way less friendly to outsiders, though I was a University professor. Go figure. Of course, the USA killed 85% of the civilians that died in Korea in the Korean War, so I understood the older generations not being too happy about the USA, especially in the southern province I was in!

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