Perpetual War, 1,2,3…

  1. in the early 80s Ronald Reagan exacerbates the Iraq Iran War by selling arms to both sides.
  2. Read Craig Unger’s book “House of Bush House of Saud,” in it you will see that we (The Bush Family) are natural allies with the Sunnis, thus Saddam (Sunni, Baathist) got a lot of support in the Iran war (83-85 give or take) and the wiping out of Kurds, that came at the request of Turkey, who, after all, houses all those U.S. Missiles pointed at Moscow.  SUnni: part of Iraq, all of Saudi Arbia.  Shia:  Pbug parts of Iraq, a lessening part of Syria and all of Iran.  So watch the Iran/Saudi Arabia relationship closely.
  3. Reagan uses funds raised by selling so many arms to Iran and Iraq and diverts it to gun shipments to Nicaragua.  Congress then cuts off the Contra campaign, and this lead Reagan to ask the states to send their National Guard with about 10 guns each to HONDURAS, where the guns are walked over the river to Nicaragua.  The planes needed for such an exercise were 300 727s, all rented by Frank Clinton (Bill’s Brother!) from FALWELL Aviation of Lynchburg, VA.  Down go the guns, and back came giant duffle bags full of…Well the FBI would suggest cocaine, and it was surely that of Panamanian President/cartel squealer, Manuel Noriega.  Gone then was his $200,000 a year from the CIA to tell on Cartel sized cocaine exporters, and, amazingly, the trial set for Roanoke VA, is moved to Miami, and the fact that planes were rented from Falwell disappears.  (Nice to be a tax free “religion” even if you are raising money for the CIA, etc.) When William J. Clinton is nominated, ALL COUNTS against Frank are dropped by the FBI.
  4. Bush I kills 3,500 in Panama in order to arrest ONE Manuel Noriega.  He then starts Desert Storm, which does a decent job of loosening up the Iraq zone, after the country lost 800,000 in the Iran war (Iran lost 1.2 million).  OK so it appears the BUsh clan is supporting the Shias in this maneuver.
  5. Saddam is demonized for his slaughter of Kurds.  Hmm, where did he get the chemical weapons?
  6. After skirmishes in Kosovo, and wiping out 50,000 in Belgrade, Clinton continues the sanctions on Iraq and continual bombing runs that hardly make the news, since Americans are not dying.
  7. Bush II steps in and finishes the job against Saddam, except he is allowed to preach in court, partly due to the great representation he got from Ramsey Clark, former US Attorney General, and LATER, the sole legal counsel to AL Gore (though he is a Republican) in his failed attempt to win and election he had already won in Florida.  Yes, what on earth was Ramsey Clark doing representing Saddam Hussein?  He was giving Saddam more time to fan the flames of war against the Shias, before being executed.  It’s that simple.
  8. As Sabres rattle in Ukraine (please note, that the Ukraine Coup and burning of Kiev happened DURING PUTIN’S Sochi Olympics)  This is what I call back-up War number ONE.  Number TWO is North Korea. But Putin and Kim are STRONG MEN, and Donald Trump is fanning huge flames of war, and almost begging Islamic extremists to attack places OTHER than Europe with his talk of expanded use of torture and “Nuking ISIS.”
  9. Nearly or over 10 million refugees plow in from the Middle East to Europe, Paris, Brussels and who knows where attacks will surely cripple Europe’s VITAL economic engine, known as USA tourists in the summer.
  10. Even Bernie Sanders says we must wipe out ISIS.  That’s 5 for 5 on that score of remaining hopefuls, and um, maybe 25 for 25 of those once in the field.
  11. Many Middle Eastern refugees are rich and very well educated.  Forget Europe, they are in Malaysia and Indonesia, and moving into the Philippines.
  12. ISIS, essentially a Sunnis group trying to carve a country out of Syria and Iraq (and?) …Two things about the latest comments crack me up to the point of crying:  President Obama, in his last State of the Union Address says “The last thing we want in the Middle east is a continual ground war.”  OH? Then why didn’t you bring ALL the troops home wise guy, then it’s not our war any more! (Well, it’s because we’d rather fight wars abroad…Korea, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Indonesia, and 94 more concerted attacks in over 80 countries since World War II, SEE William Blum’s  and  ANd the second is that Hillary Clinton is still running as some type of opposition to the Republican regime, when her husband stole all their ideas, and screwed American Labor and African Americans via:  NAFTA, GATT 2, Welfare Reform of 1995, and Banking Reform of 1995.  The first three caused the prison population to double (nearly all men of color) and yet African Americans swept Hillary into her so-called nomination.  OH they did?  Yes they did!  Wow Bernie NEVER ONCE questioned BILL CLINTON’s Ridiculous record when facing off against Hillary.  Ha.  She never should have gotten a single thinking-man’s vote from ANY minority. Oh Propaganda works!
  13. The closer Trump gets to the White House, the more scared educated people get.  OH baby, a Strong Man Putin is one thing, way less is a strong man who is not so strong, like Mr. Kim, but he’s still back-up war Number two.  But a strong-man mentality at the control of those who ALREADY know how to torture, and hmm, enough nuclear arms to blow up the world 14 times, and OH now that’s a strong man.  Forget Stalin or HItle, they had ways and means, but NOT like the ways and means Trump would have.  OH GOD  OH GOD.  PS Cruz wants to spy on Islamic neighborhoods in the USA.  Damn it! As if Patriot Acts One and Two weren’t enough of an affront to the US Constitution, these warped FUNDAMENTALIST types only read the bible (the thin versions cleansed of stuff they don’t like by simply not mentioning them in church) as their marching orders.
  14. What’s worse, a fundamentalist Muslim or Fundamentlaist Christian.  Well, since the Crusades, you’d have to say the Christians have laid on the most war and ruination, and lately by about a 300-1 ratio in terms of war-deaths-of the unarmed civilian kind, versus deaths of Armed American soldiers.  Yes indeed we’ve killed 300 civilians for every one soldier lost. Which of the 5 left running, even Bernie, would call that anything but “good hunting.”  Yep Bernie should have CHANGED his gun idea since he was/is running on a NATIONAL basis not just Vermont.
  15. NO Habeas Corpus since 2003, and it means our government can arrest anyone and NOT TELL THEM WHY they are being arrested.  That and the FEMA camps mean even a civil type war of rolling riots, etc. is possible.  I don’t doubt the gun manufacturers are licking their chops for the day the USA becomes chaotic (please be never ).
  16. For the poor and underemployed, and impoverished, and homeless, and many minorities who don’t get a fair shot, as you know, thousands of neighborhoods in the USA have had the experience of being surrounded by violence and crime for DECADES NOW.  Who is solving this?  Trump won’t kids.
  17. Shia Versus Sunni;  USA versus the World, and the World Versus the USA.  Think Europe is happy about the refugee mess we handed them via our absurd wars?  OH GOODIE now we have an oil pipeline through Afghanistan and Pakistan.  At what cost, and when will the soldiers stop protecting it?
  18. Back up war #3, on top of the ISIS Crisis is, then the USA itself.  Cry now, I am.


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