How to battle rising fascism

A Corbin led Labour Party is a start in England, but the USA is much trickier as the Democrats are still controlled by hawkish, centrists who favor increasing profits by shipping jobs abroad. NAFTA, GATT2, Welfare Reform, Banking Reform and the doubling of the US prison population all came under Clinton, and anti American labor and racist policies they have been. Bernie Sanders set the bar, but not enough democratic candidates can even get credentials as pro labor, no less environmentalists, $15 per hour minimum wage, universal health care with MAJOR price decreases for all medical and pharmaceutical services and products are required now.

The battle here is to get the dems to be real left wingers. Until a real left winger (Hubert Humphrey comes to mind) is nominated and wins at the top of the ticket, and influences senators and congress-women and men to pass genuine left wing laws (including ending all wars! We’ve been warring since 1940!) we will not bite away at the fascist state that started in 1980.

“When big business and big government do only the business of big government and big business, thst is fascism,” Benito Mussolini.