Submit to Heron Clan VIII

Though we start the work in earnest in September every year, Poems from the Heron Clan takes submissions of poems (previously published OK) year round.  We publish one issue per yer, at about 300 pages.  We are an international anthology, and will one year invade the poetry festivals in summer in the UK.  Maybe even 2020 if we really luck out.


Poems from the Heron Clan is searchable on twitter, (#heronclanpoems) and some poets in previous editions include:  Lola Haskins, Ilya Kaminsky, Xue Di, Jaki Shelton Green, Shelby Stephenson, Jan Harrington and Ed Lyons.

We read batches of 20 and have not achieved 20 submissions, but this post is just going up now.  Number seven saw our largest number of submissions.  This is a good sign.

Join us.

email three poems to

Send a 50-word bio with your poems.  Thanks.

Can’t wait to read them.


Doug Stuber




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